Tech This Week: Facebook Reaches 1 Billion Users, iPad Mini Production Starts, Android 4.2

by: - Last updated on: December 1st, 2013

Another week has ended and we are here to provide you with the most important news in the field. Tech This Week for 1-7 October is here with a couple of interesting news that should keep your technology appetite satiated and even try to lure the luddites. On the last issue of Tech This Week, we discussed new products from Apple, HTC and many others. Let’s see what has happened this week, at Technology Personalized and in the entire technology niche.

technologyMost important on Technology Personalized

  • Announcement of HP ElitePad 900 – The Windows 8 tablets/hybrids family has been completed with the addition of HP ElitePad 900, a slate that is oriented towards the business niche. Can this tablet and its other siblings help HP wash away the failure with the TouchPad? Check out the post to read more about it.
  • Twitter introduces People directory – Searching for certain persons on Twitter has become much simpler with the launch of the People directory that will list all public profiles under the same place. There’s no built-in search function, so to be able to find somebody, type this in Google: “profile name”.
  • HTC One X+ announced – HTC is becoming a very important presence in the mobile niche, being present both on Android and Windows Phone 8 ecosystems. The launch of HTC One X+ surprises because it comes with some really impressive specs. Could this eat a little bit from the sales of bigger players such as the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3?
  • iPad Mini cases selling in Australia – No, this isn’t just another iPad Mini rumor from the many. This time, it seems more legit than ever, because the company that started selling iPad Mini cases is the well-known Cygnett. Could this mean that Apple will launch a weapon against Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 7 and many other rivals?
  • Android 4.2 – If you have Jelly Bean on your device, you already know why it’s so awesome. But what comes after – have you thought about that? Android 4.2is said to arrive with a set of impressive features, some of which might improve the battery life of our devices.

Most important Tech This Week

  • Facebook reaches 1 billion users, Facebook
  • iPad Mini production has started, WSJ
  • Google passes Microsoft in market valuation, Bloomberg
  • Samsung posts $7.3 billion third-quarter profit, Reuters
  • AT&T announces Sony Xperia TL, AT&T
  • Sharp starts mass production of 5-inch displays, Sharp
  • Skype to begin offering free Wi-Fi access in UK, Zdnet UK
  • Microsoft considering Surface Phone, TheVerge
  • EE to launch first UK 4G service, EE
  • LG’s Nexus phone rumored for mid-November, Modaco
  • Samsung preparing 3GB RAM smartphone, SamMobile
  • Alcatel announces OneTouch 7-inch T10 tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich, Alcatel
  • Windows Phone Is Moving Closer to Becoming 3rd Mobile OS, KantarWorldPanel
  • ASUS VivoTab RT Tablet with 4G Launched, SoftPedia
  • The 40 Year Lightbulb: Firefly LED Lights Cut Energy Costs 90%, TreeHugger
  • The next generation Nest thermostat, Nest
  • Razer’s Project Fiona Gaming Tablet Confirmed for Production, AnandTech

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