The iPod is the king of music players, that’s without any doubts, despite of the recent competiton from the Android side. Since its introduction, the iPod line has truly managed to revolutionize the music industry. We’ve recently discussed about the iPod Nano and if it still represents a good choice. With the launch of the iPhone 5, that was also thinner, faster and lighter, the choice is getting even more and more difficult – which Apple product should I buy? Which is the better option?

The 2012 iPod Touch is the best iPod ever, that’s guaranteed. Many see it as the iPhone without the phone and rigthfully so. Much like the iPhone 5, the 5th generation iPod Touch has been redesigned – and boy what a redesign it got! The iPhone gets so much attention that many tend to overlook its smaller siblings. The iPod Touch is a mix between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 at a lower price. It has the power of the iPhone 4S and the appealing looks of the iPhone 5, and it’s even lighter and thinner than the latest iPhone!

ipod touch 2012 reviews roundup - 5th ipod touch 2012

iPod Touch 5th generation Reviews Roundup


  • “Thin” almost isn’t a strong enough word to describe the iPod touch. It really is only a quarter-inch thick, though, and it really does weigh only 3.1 ounces.
  • The iPod touch’s display is  the same one as the iPhone 5 and it looks fantastic. Movies and games are two of the most popular things to do on the iPod touch, I’m sure, so the screen is welcome.
  • Apple’s made a bold pitch with the new iPod touch, suggesting in no uncertain terms that this device can replace your point-and-shoot camera. It’s true, to an extent: the iPod touch’s camera is surprisingly good
  • I’ve been saying for years that the iPod touch is just the iPhone minus the phone parts. That’s never been more true.
  • The music and movies setup is exactly the same as on the iPhone 5. It’s really easy to send audio to a Bluetooth speaker, or use AirPlay to mirror or just push playback to your TV

If you’re looking for a device like the iPod touch, buying this year’s model is an absolute no-brainer, but I’d bet more people are going to think twice before laying out $300.


ipod touch 2012 reviews roundup - ipod touch 2012

  • The new Touch is made to stand out in a store and look different from an iPhone, and that’s a good thing.
  • The Touch is very, very thin: 0.24 inch compared with the iPhone 5’s 0.30 inch, and 3.1 ounces versus 3.95 for the iPhone 5
  • The iPod Touch is a gaming handheld. The App Store is its game library. Adding an improved 4-inch Retina Display that matches the iPhone 5’s is s a guarantee that newly released games should work interchangeably between the two devices.
  • It’s a near-5 in terms of function, the fastest Touch that?s ever been made, and the first Touch you’d seriously use as a camera.

It may not be a product you need, but it could very well end up beiIt may not be a product you need, but it could very well end up being a product you want.

ipod touch 2012 reviews roundup - new ipod touch vs old ipod touch


  • Frankly, it’s the most exciting MP3 player we’ve ever seen.
  • One of the things we disliked most about the previous iPod touch was its slippery and fingerprint-prone ‘chrome’ back. That’s thankfully been replaced by anodised aluminium.
  • Ergonomics aren’t just improved by the new finish either. Despite offering longer battery life than its predecessor, the 2012 iPod touch is both thinner at a ridiculously slim 6.1mm, and lighter at 88g.
  • Wow, has the camera on this iPod been improved over the woeful effort on the previous one –  5MP, backside illuminated sensor with a speedy f/2.4 lens and LED flash for those evening pics.

Amazingly, despite being thinner, lighter and more powerful, Apple has also still managed to squeeze more battery life out of its latest iPod touch


  • The new iPod touch carries forward the same light, thin design as previous models but adopts a new squared-edge profile resembling a chocolate bar.
  • Apple has tried to make it difficult for buyers to avoid rationalizing upgrades: the entry level iPod touch starts at 16GB/$199, just $50 more than the smaller but much less capable iPod nano.
  • It’s particularly noteworthy that, while there are plenty of alternative smartphones to compete against the iPhone, there are no real competitors to the iPod touch.
  • This year, the high end 5G version gets a front facing FaceTime HD camera on par with iPhone 5.
  • In addition to having better optics, the new iPod touch also, thanks to its A5 chip, runs more advanced photo software
ipod touch 2012 reviews roundup - ipod touch comparison
The new iPod touch isn’t quite on the level of being an iPhone 5 without mobile


  • iPod Touch’s shape felt good in the hand, with its size and weight both seeming minimal compared to nearly every other device on the market.
  • We’ve never had a complaint with the longevity of the fourth-gen iPod, so we expect this new model to live up to expectations.
  • The internal speaker, meanwhile, is predictably weak, again performing about as well (or, rather, as poorly) as that on the previous touch.
  • The iPod touch is a comprehensively better package than the previous-gen unit but, at $299 to start, it certainly doesn’t come cheap
If you’re reasonably content with your fourth-gen this is probably not worth the upgrade
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