Working in the wrong environment can be very stressful, I think anyone can attest to that. The office can be, at some times, quite an unfriendly place to work, with people chatting or going in and out, or even the many phones all ringing at the same time. Creating the perfect work environment is something essential for businesses that want their employees to “give it 100%”.

With businesses being on a constant rise, more and more people considered the perfect working environment is at home, where they feel the most comfortable. But how do you create a perfect work environment at home? At first glance, this couldn’t be any simpler: just relax on your sofa, take your laptop and you are all set! Or are you? Here are some tips for creating the perfect work environment in sanctity of your home.

7 tips to create the perfect work environment at home - work from home

Creating the perfect work environment at home

Many would say that just the fact that you stay at home make this the perfect work environment, but that is not true. Working at home may be more comfortable for you just by thinking of it, but there are lots of risks coming with this choice, as you can get distracted much more easily, making your productivity to change in a very negative way. So, how do you do to create the perfect work ambient at home, one that will allow you to give everything you got every single day? Here are some tips for you:

1. Select a place just for work

That is probably the biggest decision you have to make, as you must not allow work to interfere with your personal life by any means. So create a space just for work, one that will not interfere with the day chambers such as the kitchen or the living room, because the last thing you need or want is to be interfered every 5 minutes.

That might require a room to be changed or arranged for that, but believe me, it will be much better than to work in every room. You can do that, too, but it’s good to have a place of your own.

2. Office chair and office desk

The two main components of every office. Choose them wisely, as they will play a major part in your work. Pick them not only for their looks, but more for their utility. You want them to keep you rested as much time as possible, and you also want to be as work efficient 7 tips to create the perfect work environment at home - office chairas it gets. A great top of the best office chairs was done by LifeHacker, check it out to see which are the best. It needs to be something that won’t put too much pression on your back muscle and one that could even allow you to take a little nap, why not?

3. The power of color

Pick a color that you know will not get you distracted. The perfect work environment must be one in which you can feel calm and restful, so picking a good color  is very important. Even more, try to pick the same colors for your chair and desk, as everything must blend into harmony in order for the perfect effect to be achieved. This ensures that you do not get distracted and you can focus at the task at hand without your eyes jumping from one thing to another.

4. No chaos is allowed

This is one major factor that you have to take care of, as you don’t want any mess to distract you from work. I know how much stress can affect your work efficiency, and this will prove to bring loads of stress into your office. You don’t want to find yourself searching through piles of papers for a certain document, or searching through the desk drawers for a paper clip. So have your desk filled only with the important things, and organize your office into different areas. Also, you might want to hide wires and plugs, so they do not stand in your way.

5. Natural environment

You must also take care of the room environment, as the way in which the office is decorated may affect your mood. The light in the room is something you should take into consideration, as too much light will affect your eyes and will make you feel uncomfortable and tired. More, you may consider putting your office desk near a window, as you will have the much needed natural light and also a nice view.

7 tips to create the perfect work environment at home - awesome home office

Take care how you decorate the room inside also. Get some plants as they will make you feel more invigorated, or buy yourself an aquarium and some paintings. Also, keep in mind that you need to be hydrated,  having a bottle of water beside you might be a good idea.

6. Adjust your computer peripherals

Nowadays most of our work is made on computers, so it’s likely to spend a lot of time in front of a monitor, which can get you really tired. So how do you do to feel comfortable? First of all, adjust your monitor so it stays right in front of you. Then, a good idea is to have an ergonomic keyboard situated right in front of you, so you can have your arms in a good, comfortable position. You can even buy yourself a palm support to protect you from strains. Last, but not least, the foot support. It may sound strange, but will make a big difference, helping you to get a good blood circulation.

7. Relaxation is the key

Get yourself a couch and a sound system and set them up in order to create the perfect work environment at home (the positioning of the sound system must be similar to the media room setup). This will make a huge difference, as you will be able to take a break from work and recharge your batteries with some soft, relaxing music, allowing you to return with a fresh set of ideas that will increase your productivity.

These are the main factors you’ll have to consider when trying to build the perfect work environment at your home. Some of these advices can be used for your office work as well, even though there you don’t have as much control over your environment compared to your home. You may not choose the desk or the colors of the room (unless you are the CEO), but even the smallest changes can make a huge difference, such as keeping the chaos away from your desk and getting yourself some ergonomic peripherals for your computer work.

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