Never Miss a Moment of Your Life with Memoto Lifelogging Camera

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Just how many times something happened to you and you wished somebody could record or take a picture of that moment? We have to rely on our memories for that later on. But what if you could use a camera that would take pictures of your life? Once at every 30 seconds, your intelligent Memoto camera will take a picture, and you will then sort them out once you’ll get home. Also, once you put that tiny camera in your pocket, it will simply stop taking pictures.

To make things easier, the team behind Memoto has arranged a cloud service where your pictures are being uploaded to. Also, an Android and iPhone app will be made for a better management. The Memoto camera is a little tech wonder and you can support it on Kickstarter if it seems like an appealing concept to you.

memoto camera lifelogging

Tiny GPS camera that takes photos as you go

It’s a very simple camera to use, as it has no buttons at all! The camera is “smart” and as long as you wear it, it will keep on taking pictures. How many? One picture at every 30 seconds, which means 2 per minute and 120 per hour. The photos are geotagged so that they are showed upright, even if you are not wearing the camera like that. For those that will ask – what about rain? Well, you should know that Memoto is also weather protected.

Memoto has a 5-megapixel sensor that should be able to deliver a satisfying quality for your pictures. The battery is said to last for 2 days of use and after that, you will simply connect it to your computer to recharge. Also, when connected, Memoto will upload your pictures to Memoto’s servers. The apps that will be available for Android and iPhone will allow you to revisit past moments in a stop-motion like video containing 30 pictures per day. So, there will be basically a timeline around which your photos will be organized.

Are you interested in Memoto?

You might think that you will be wasting quite a lot of storage space. Memoto wants you to take as many pictures as possible, without having to think about storage issue. There will be a monthly affordable fee for their cloud service.

Kickstart backers will get their first storage year completely free! First Memoto cameras are expected to be shipped in February, 2013. As of this moment, on Kickstarter, Memoto has already exceed its funding goal when there is more than one month left for backing! Here are some nice words from the CEO:

Imagine if you could capture and re-live every memorable moment of your life. With Memoto, you can effortlessly travel back in time to that moment when you met the love of your life, the day your daughter took her first step, or that night you laughed the night away with friends.

For those that are interested in the project, here’s what you can get with your money on Kickstarter:

  • $1 or more – receive updates from this project and sponsor environment-friendly recycling of 1 Memoto
  • $5 or more – receive updates from this project and sponsor environment-friendly recycling of 5 Memoto cameras
  • $35 or more – receive one awesome Memoto T-shirt, get featured on the list of Memoto Friends at
  • $199 or more – $80 off of list price, get a Memoto camera in your choice of color: Arctic White, Graphite Gray and Memoto Orange PLUS get featured on the list of Memoto Friends at
  • $249 ore more – delivery at $30 off of list price of one Memoto camera in your choice of color between Arctic White, Graphite Gray and Memoto Orange.
  • $279 or more – delivery of one Memoto camera in your choice of color between Arctic White, Graphite Gray and Memoto Orange.
  • $5000 or more – “we’ll fly you to Stockholm to participate in a three days workshop brainstorming with our entire team on what lifelogging gadgetry Memoto should develop next. Hotel and all meals included. Add your choice of pledge from above to get the gear as well”.

Why some might not like it

I’m a big lover of small projects and I have always supported them. Projects like Ouya or Memoto need to succeed because they serve as a model for other tech entrepreneurs. But, as much as I wouldn’t like to say – there are enough hindrances to almost all projects on memoto cameraKickstarter and not only. Here are a few issues with the Memoto concept.

  • Quality of pictures – we don’t have yet photo samples of the Memoto camera and we only know that it has a 5-megapixel sensor. But, will you be pleased with the quality of the pictures? My smartphone still has a 5-megapixel camera and I’m quite pleased with it, but my smartphone is also bigger than this tiny camera. Will they manage to offer a satisfactory quality for your pictures?
  • Battery life – the Memoto camera is said to have a battery of up to 2 days of use. Seriously, I doubt that. A tiny camera like that can take pictures for up to 2 days of use? Let’s say that you go on a trip and you use Memoto for 6 hours per day. This means 12 hours * 120 pictures = 1440 pictures. You will put it sometime in your pocket, so, let’s suppose 1000 pictures. Will Memoto’s battery last for 1000 pictures?
  • Price for cloud storage – Memoto mentioned a few times that your pictures are private, so let’s say this isn’t an issue. But what about the fee for storage? They only mentioned it will be affordable, but can they really deliver that? 500 pictures per day is quite a lot of space. Can they come up with a cheap plan?
  • Not comfortable – personally, this was the first thing I thought about. I have to clip it and I have to take it off. It might not be that comfortable to wear it. Also, imagine being on a date (like they said in a nice, emotional video) and wearing that camera on your t-shirt. Do you think you’ll make an impression or you’ll just embarass the person in front of you?


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