Since I’ve got my Android smartphone, I’ve been searching for the best apps on the Play Store, and one crucial app that everyone needs is a music player. Although the default player is quite nice, sometimes users search for specialized apps that can handle the task of music playback better. And, of course, there are some great players on the Play Store, such as the Winamp Player, but we can still find some awesome players that are less known, and they truly surprise.

One such example is the Fusion Music Player. I was skeptical at first about this player since I have used Winamp for as long as I can remember. Nevertheless, I installed the player and started using it for the purpose of this review. What happened is something I was not expecting: I loved it! Those features, oh God, those features, are simply awesome.

fusion player

What features does Fusion Music Player have?

I don’t know where to start. When first firing up the player, it will scan your device for music tracks and playlists and will add them to the library. From here, you can pick from your favorite Albums, Artists, Songs, or Playlists. These are all local media stored on your device, but what is more awesome is the “online” part of the app—this is where I was sold (or so I thought).

fusion_player (1)

The Player also doubles as an online radio app that can play hundreds of radio stations, all very well arranged based on genre or year (starting from the early 1900s). Moving past radio, you can also search on YouTube for any song (mind you that this feature does not leave the app to open YouTube, but it has a YouTube player integrated).

Still not sold? Check out this feature: you can search for songs online and listen to them (pssst… and even download them). And if you come across a great song from the “Recommended” tab, but you do not want to download the entire song, you can trim it and create a ringtone with only the portion you love the most.

These awesome features are all integrated into one single-player! I can’t believe that I was ignorant of it until now. I would gladly recommend Fusion Music Player to anyone. With features like this, it will surely go right to the top. Developed by Lava International Ltd. in Bangalore, Fusion Music Player has some stunning reviews on Google Play Store (and rightly so). Now, let’s make a quick recap of the main features that this player offers:

The good

  • Online search for music
  • Possibility to download music
  • Possibility to trim songs and create ringtones
  • YouTube player
  • Online radio with hundreds of stations
  • Equalizer and visual player
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Sharing via cloud services or email

The bad

  • The menu is sometimes a bit disorientating
  • Playback stops when I receive a notification (text message in my case) and does not continue

Bottom line

I have tried lots of music player apps so far, and what I noticed is that most of them do not play well with Voodoo sound amplification. For example, on the Sony Xperia player, at full volume, all I heard was noise. This is something that has not manifested in Fusion Player. It worked very well, even on some pretty loud tracks. All these features make Fusion Music Player one of the best Android music players I have tested in a while. This one is a keeper!

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