One of the most iconic holidays in the US, Thanksgiving, is just around the corner. And everyone is hard at work making the proper preparations for the well known tradition that is the Thanksgiving dinner. Around the country, everyone is preparing for this feast, searching for the best recipes to prepare and of course, looking for the best turkey to roast.

The Thanksgiving holiday has its roots in the English tradition following a good harvest. Also, Puritans carried this tradition year after year, and it has endured to this day. As with many other holidays, Thanksgiving may have lost some of its significance, but the ceremonial dinner is still with us. And nowadays, aided by modern technology, people can make the best Thanksgiving food ever.

And what better technology to help you with all that Thanksgiving preparation then your trusty smartphone? After all, you have it by your side all the time, might as well as get some use in the kitchen from it. You will be pleased to know that there are lots of apps, both for Android and for iOS that can lend a helping hand in the food preparation for Thanksgiving. Here are our top picks!

Top 5 Android Thanksgiving Apps

5. Thanksgiving Recipes HD

thanksgiving recipes hd

Despite the fact that this app is pretty new to the Play Store, it has lots of potential to become one of the best Thanksgiving apps. It even has the recipe for making Turducken, one of the best foods ever! But wait, there’s more! Thanksgiving Recipes HD also has classic recipes, desserts and much more. Try it out, you might be surprised about how many you can accomplish with app. It will certainly give your Thanksgiving dinner a plus of creativity which will leave your guests speechless.

4. In the Kitchen: Recipes, Chefs

in the kitchen recipes, chefs

If you were looking for a complete kitchen app, then you’ve found it! In the Kitchen: Recipes, Chefs there are featured recipes from famous cooks like Paula Deen, Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri and it gives you all the information you need to create the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Also, you can add shopping lists, save recipes, set kitchen timers or use the unit converter to achieve the perfect balance of ingredients. If there ever was a cooking app that could make you the best chef, then this is the one. Try it out and make your Thanksgiving dinner a huge success!

3. ThanksGiving Greeting Cards

thanksgiving greeting cards

Because Thanksgiving is not all about food, but a time when we must be thankful for what we have and for the people around us, an app that will allow you to send some great greeting cardss is a welcomed addition to our top.

If you forgot to send someone a greeting card via mail, then you can use this app to send them very high quality greeting cards via SMS, email or to post it on their Facebook page. What is great about this app is the fact that it does not only Thanksgiving cards, but a lot of other occasion cards, so you can use it just about any time!

2. Epicurious Recipe App

epicurious recipe app

A familiar name for iPhone users, Epicurious Recipe App is one app that must not miss from your smartphone in this period. With over 28000 recipes created and tested by professional cooks and featured on the award winning food website, you can transform yourself into a masterchef overnight.

Just do a quick search on the app for your favorite dishes and see very well organized recipes for any food. This app is especially useful around Thanksgiving and it will allow you to amaze everyone who tries your food.

1. 250,000+ Recipes BigOven

250,000+ recipes bigoven

As the name suggests, this app features an impressive database of recipes that you can make to impress your Thanksgiving guests. Its simplicity and very intuitive user interface make it easy for anyone to use and its other features make it one of the best Thanksgiving apps ever.

Think of all the leftovers that will pile up after this holiday, what to do with them? If you have 250,000+ Recipes BigOven, you can punch them in and get very useful information about what can you make from them! Awesome, right? Try it out and see how useful this app is!

Top 5 iOS Thanksgiving Apps

5. Time to Roast

time to roast

Every good cook will tell you that the secret ingredient in any meal is the cooking time (just kidding, the secret ingredient is, well..secret, but the cooking time is crucial). And for different meat types, this time differs. By using Time to Roast, you can take the guesswork out of this and see exactly how much time you need to let your meat sit in the oven.

The app calculates this after you choose the type of meat and how much it is. Also, you need to set how you want your meat to be (medium or well done), and afterwards, kick back and wait for it to cook. The app also features instructions and other useful information, so it’s a good tool to have around.

4. Panna


Panna is the first ever video-cooking-magazine for iPad users from around the world, where they receive a bi-monthly recipe for free. Also, the app is packed full of great season recipes, so you can find use for it all year round.

You can also search for certain chefs or recipes, or watch over two hours of video in each issue, all shot in real-time so you can see exactly how to cook your favorite dishes. Panna is a gold mine for everyone who needs some new and interested recipes, but also for those are just now learning how to cook.

3. KitchenPad Timer

kitchenpad™ timer

If you ever cooked a large dinner before, you know that things can get pretty cluded around the stove. When you have 3-4 items on the stove at the same time, it’s hard to keep track of all of them at the same time, especially when they need a different time to cook.

A solution could be to get 3-4 alarm watches and set them up to ring when the food is done, but as you can imagine, there are a lot that can go wrong. A simple and elegant solution would be to use KitchenPad Timer, an app that allows you to set different times for different dishes and it will let you know when to take them off the stove. Better hurry, the app is on sale until Thanksgiving!

2. Thanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking

thanksgiving menu maker from fine cooking

We know that everyone has “the perfect” recipe for cooking the roast turkey. But every once in while, you might find some good advices and tricks that could come in help. Thanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking offers users exactly that: videos on how to roast the perfect turkey, recipes and lots of other useful information.

Apart from this, it can also help you choose the drinks you will serve and it lets you know what are the most likely thing to go wrong and how to avoid them.

1. Key Ingredient RecipeGrazer

key ingredient recipegrazer

With over 1.5 million recipes in its database, Key Ingredient RecipeGrazer is the perfect tool to use for making your Thanksgiving dinner. You can browse the database and save all the recipes you find, share them or use them for cooking some marvelous goodies for your guests. The app has a very clean design, its user interface is very user friendly and intuitive, this helps you get the recipe you need in no time, so you can start cooking right away.

Now that you have all these wonderful tools at your disposal, you can certainly impress your guests by preparing a Thanksgiving dinner that they will never forget! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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