In a world where devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are constantly changing and improving, one crucial item has remained fairly unchanged during the years: the traveling bag. As a person who hates backpacks, I have always looked for a more stylish alternative of carrying all my mobile technology in one package, while pairing the bag with a classier wardrobe.

Not many of the options available on the market have fulfilled my needs and after approximately one year of searching, I finally found it. But shoulder-worn bags lack the room of accommodating chargers and they’re heavy weight, and I couldn’t simply commute with a laptop that runs out of battery in two hours and needs 800 grams of equipment to charge. Now, thanks to Phorce, people like me have an option.

phorce traveling bag

Phorce: the stylish battery-powered Traveling Bag

In a few words, Phorce is a stylish traveling bag that relies on a lightweight battery to charge, and power a whole range of devices. It has several charging ports which can give a bit more juice to conventional smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, iPods, cameras, portable speakers, noise-canceling headphones and even MacBooks. In terms of usability, this baby can light up a maximum of three devices simultaneously, using three integrated USB ports.

How much juice is stored inside the battery?

phorce battery specifications

Although full technical specifications haven’t been yet supplied for the battery, manufacturers state in their KickStarter project that the bag is sufficient to power a MacBook for up to 7 extra hours (depending on the model) or, charge an iPhone 5 over 8 times. References are also made to the newest iPad Mini, which can be charged 2.5 times using this bag. Pairing those numbers with the actual battery of the device, this is more than enough for mobility addicts.

If all goes well with the fund-raiser, manufacturers have vouched to increase the battery capacity by 10% and stretch battery performances even more – at no cost for the end-user. The current battery capacity is estimated for 54 Wh and it takes the bag around four hours to fully recharge.

Bluetooth and App connectivity

phorce reminderBesides offering a convenient way of charging devices, the Phorce traveling bag can also communicate with your gear using the Bluetooth connection or, a dedicated application for iOS and Android systems. Using one of these, Phorce will advertise the battery level so the user can find out at all times how much juice is left and one may also tweak the settings to make the bag send notifications when the battery is low.

As a bonus, Phorce also take advantage of the latest Bluetooth technology prevents users from losing the bag. Whenever the phone is out of the range, the bag will send a critical notification, reminding the user to pick up the bag from the coffee shop or from home.

Special model for Macs

At this moment, there are two different Phorce models: one for usual use, with only three USB ports, and one that also comes with special ports designed to be used for Mac computers. Besides the extended functionality itself, another difference between these two models can also be found in pure size, there the Phorce for Mac can also accommodate 15-inch wide laptops, while the regular model can work with devices up to 14-inch wide.

Also, the Mac optimized model has the following battery performances:

  • 3.5 hours for MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch
  • 4 hours MacBook Pro Retina
  • 4.5 hours for MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch
  • 5.5 hours for MacBook Pro 13-inch
  • 7 hours for MacBook Air 13-inch
  • 7 hours for MacBook Air 11-inch

These differences are also reflected in the price, where the regular Phorce model costs around $260 and the Mac-compatible bag has the price of $299.

Phorce Design: Stylish, Flexible, Organized

phorce flexibility

As much as functionality counts, a bag cannot be sold in any forms. Thankfully, Phorce designers have embedded a touch of style and flexibility into their product, making the bag look really good, no matter what the owner is wearing, or driving. For instance, one of the tricks I lick the most is the transforming propriety, which allows users to change the bag from a regular briefcase to a shoulder-warn bag or even a back-pack. It all lies in the strap system, which can be changed in a matter of seconds.

Those wishing to pack a lot of things in this bag can also make use of the 360-degree expansion zipper, which creates an additional 240 cubic inches of extra space, just like a neat trolley. And speaking of these, Phorce can also be easily attached over the telescopic handles of a trolley, making it easier to carry. When it comes to space management and organization, Phorce assures buyers that it has its own way of arranging items, so that everything looks neat and devices don’t scratch one another.

Speaking of which, this bag also comes with special surfaces that keep gadgets clean during travels and a nice set of magnetic handles with comfortable padding. At 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg), this bag is the ideal choice for a multitasker and a travel junkie. Have I told you that Phorce comes in various colors (black, red, dark green) and it is also water-proof?

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