With Black Friday and Thanksgiving gone, we now turn to the quickly approaching holidays. This time of year, holiday deals are all over the place, and those who get the best presents are those who get an early start. Well, this year, you can rely on your smartphone/tablet to give you the head start for the holiday shopping spree.

In this period, the most important apps you will have on your smartphones will be the shopping apps. Those that allow you to buy items at lower prices or compare products in all the stores around you to see where you will be able to find the best price. By using these apps, you will also be able to save some money also.


Top 7 holiday shopping apps

You know the saying: “Get them while they’re hot!”, well, these apps are just the same, they inform you where is the best place to shop and what the best deals are. The best thing about this is the fact that you already know what to buy and how much you will have to leave at the store before you make one step out the door.

7. TheFind: Shopping

shopping by the find

If you are worried that you might miss some of the best deals this Holiday season, then try using TheFind: Shopper to stay on top of all the new offers and find the lowest prices available. Also, if you want to know when that new TV that you want comes on sale, all you have to do is set a watch for it and the app will automatically let you know when it’s time to buy.

If you find a product, but you are not sure if you should buy it or look at other stores for better prices, quickly scan its barcode and have a look at all the other retailers. One other thing about this app that is definitely worth mentioning: ad free! Yes,that’s right, not only do you get one of the best Holiday shopping apps that has great features, but also, you enjoy them without any advertisements! Do you like the app? Here the download links:

Download: Android, iPhone, Kindle

6. Shopkick


I have to admit, sometimes, apps like Shopkick make me regret not living in the US. This service allows US citizens to receive gifts and to earn points for buying items or by simply walking into a store. How great is this? This feature will fit very well on the smartphones of those who enjoy shopping and walking from store to store. By doing so, they will receive reward points, called “kicks” which they can spend in any of the participating stores (and believe me, there are plenty).

Also, the app can double as a shopping guide, where you can browse online catalogs from different stores and find the best items at the best prices. This allows you to save time and visit more shops, thus earning more points, and it goes on and on. If you live in the US, put in your phone number on the website for downloading the app to your smartphone:

Download: Android, iPhone (Note: phone number required to make download of the app)

5. RedLaser

redlaser barcode & qr scanner

RedLaser is no novelty. This app has been used by thousands of people and they had an awesome experience using it. What RedLaser does is to scan a barcode of a certain item and give you information on the nearest stores that sell that particular item. Also, you can compare prices and see where you will get the best deal for something, and when you concluded you search, you can pay via PayPal and all you have to do is get there and pick up your goods.

RedLaser takes shopping to an entirely new level, and this is why it deserves a spot in the top Holiday shopping apps. Also, iPhone users can enjoy the new and improved RedLaser app RL Classic, available in the iTunes store. If this is the app you want, download it from the following links:

Download: Android, iPhone, Windows

4. Groupon

groupon hd

Groupon is one of my favorite websites ever. This is the place where you get the best deals all year round, in the form of coupons. Buy a coupon and present it when you pick up your good or service, simple and economical. The app is next best thing: you can browse Groupon’s massive store from your mobile device and be on top of all the best deals, because, as you know, they are timed based, so when you see one, it’s good to act fast.

The app itself has a well designed user interface that looks (and is) very professional and its ease of use is fantastic. It resembles the simple Groupon website and because it provides such a great service, it is an absolute must this Holiday! If you’d like to know all the best deals, here are the download links for this app:

Download: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackBerry, Mobile Web

3. Google Shopper

google shopper

Shop smarter with Shopper. This is how Google advertises their shopping app, and to be frank, they pretty much nailed it. Google Shopper is without shadow of a doubt, a marvelous app that allows users to shop online and compare products. The app features a multitude of browsing modes that users can use.

Voice search, barcode scanner, artwork detector or plain text search are the tools that shoppers can use to find the products they are interested in. Also, you can look at local prices to see where to buy and still save some money, or get the latest deals in your area are just a few of its features. Try it out for this Holiday shopping season and see what this app can do. Here are the download links:

Download: Android, iPhone

2. eBay Mobile

official ebay

eBay is probably the biggest name in the online shopping industry, and such, its name could not miss from a shopping top. Also, year after year, eBay scores some of the best deals you will find, so keeping an eBay app close by when the Holiday season starts is more than a good idea, it’s a guarantee that you will have a front row seat at the best items and deals.

Also, the app itself is very well designed and offer you the possibility to create lists of items, watch certain items or search via speech. These are all intended to make your shopping easier, without having to worry about infinite queries and spending entire days roaming from store to store. If eBay is the way you want to go this Holiday, here are the available apps for you to download:

Download: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackBerry, Mobile Web

1. Amazon Santa

amazon santa

With the Holiday season arriving any time now, Amazon wanted to give its users the best start possible. Amazon Santa is the official Amazon Holiday season app that allows users to quickly create lists of items, share them with their friends or buy items. The app has a very well designed user interface that inspires the feel of Christmas, but it still retains the ease of use that we are accustomed to.

Although there are still some issues that need to be ironed out, I don’t think that it will be a problem for much longer, and users will have the ultimate shopping app for this Holiday season. For those interested in this app, it will make you glad to know that it is available for almost everyone. Here are the download links:

Download: Android, iPhone, Kindle

All you have to do now is recover from the Thanksgiving dinner that was cooked with the help of our Top Thanksgiving apps, or let aside the top iOS apps to download this Black Friday and get started with making the preparations for the perfect Holiday season. See the best gift ideas and where to buy them by using the apps featured in this top. Also, you are aware of other great apps that can help you during the Holiday shopping spree, we urge you to let us know by posting a comment! Happy hunting everyone!

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