Almost a month ago, Google silently announced the launch of a more powerful Nexus 7 3G version. While most where happy to hear that the search-engine giant finally thought of cellular network, some were disappointed by the difference in price and, in availability (the model is available only to a couple of regions).

Fortunately, for those who already purchased the Wi-Fi only version of the Nexus 7 tablet or, for those that simply cannot afford the 3G model for an extra $50 to $100, we have a solution. Thanks to a little tweak found on Google Play, owners can pair the slate with a 3G dongle and enable cellular connectivity on the Nexus 7.

How to enable 3G on Wi-Fi Nexus 7

All the magic is done by a Google Play application, known as PPP Widget. Using this tweak, users can connect a 3G dongle using the USB port and enjoy high speed transfers over the cellular network. Before we start sharing the mini-guide, there are some requirements that need to be met first:

  • Nexus 7 needs to be rooted
  • After root, please check if Superuser or SuperSU applications are installed
  • A 3G stick, like the Huawei e1731

nexus 7 3g

It is also worth mentioning that some USB dongles may consume a bit more power than the tablet can supply (and by power I mean current intensity), so to make sure the device is running properly and evade nasty situation, it’s recommended that you use an USB hub, as well.

Before you purchase one of these, you can test the stability yourself by directly attaching the dongle and following the steps below, but if the modem starts restarting when the network is searched, that means you will need a hub.

Configuration Steps

  1. Download the PPP Widget from Google Play and install it.
  2. Start the application and connect the 3G dongle – it should be detected immediately by the software.
  3. Enter connection details like username / password / APN (access point name) and then click Connect.
  4. Enjoy.

Thanks Sridhar Katakam

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