Roadster for iOS Tracks Your Car Mileage

by: - Last updated on: December 16th, 2016

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The imagination and work of mobile developers is incessant, I am always amazed by what kind of apps they create. There are apps that you didn’t even know you needed and such is this one. Currently available only for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Roadster automatically tracks your car mileage.

This is a very helpful tool, especially for those who use cars given by their employers. It’s a great way for employers to keep track of just how much fuel is being consumed and for the employee to report correct numbers. But obviously, the biggest benefit will be felt by taxi drivers – this is a real blessing for them.

Roadster is your friend while driving

How can the app track your car mileage, you may ask. Quite easy, it uses your device’s built-in GPS, and it can also monitors the distance from your departure and destination locations. Roadster is a very smart application as it allows you to organize and export data attached to every trip that you make. The creators of this app also promises that Roadster won’t be a burden for your battery, even if it will run in the background.

roadster mileage tracking

Currently, the application is free on the AppStore, but it will get back to the normal $4.99 price after the Holiday will have passed. You don’t even have to start or stop the application, you just have to keep your device with you and it will start or stop according to your car’s  movement. Then, you can catalog your trips as business, medical or charity which will prove to be very helpful when filling out expense reports.

If you want to have a look at Roadster when you take a driving break, you’ll see that the app also provides a real time visualization tool of your current trip on the map. The reports that it generates are also compatible with Excel. It’s interesting to know that Roadster tracks your battery’s life, meaning that if your battery is too weak, it will adjust and consume less power.

Here are Roadster’s main features:

  • Automatic trip recording
  • Real time visualization
  • Excel compatible reports
  • Automatically determines departure and destination addresses
  • Categorizes trips
  • Can be used with other navigation applications
  • Restarts in all conditions
  • Adjusts to the battery level

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  1. Amazing. It’s really amazing how developers think of and produce apps that are really useful, sensible and amazing. Making use of navigation data has been the key to several stunning apps these days.

  2. it all starts with Concepts, and concepts are formed by Analogies. Definitely, if we take time to think, creativity would help coalesce concepts into simple and usable prodcuts