Creating models out of thin air is a hard thing to accomplish, especially when technology, and not creation, is the only thing missing out of the equation. Well, not for long, as WobbleWorks, a company residing in Boston, has developed the first 3D printing slash drawing pen.

The 3Doodler concept is quite simple: you have a pen, filled with heated plastic material while plugged in a regular charger and cooled immediately after exit, which can be used to draw shapes, symbols, models and everything that comes in mind, without any rigid support whatsoever. It’s like drawing with a regular pen, but without paper support. All you need is air, and talent.

What is 3Doodler ?


In a few words, 3Doodler is the first 3D printing pen that allows people to lift their imagination off the page. It’s a device that uses ABS plastic, the same material boosted by many 3D printers, to draw fragments of your imagination on air or materials. There is no need for software or computers, because the 3D pen simply works by connecting its jack to a power plug.

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For a price significantly lower than any other 3D printing variants, 3Doodle can extrude heated plastic which instantly cools in the air, creating shapes and forms of any pattern. Theoretically, with a small amount of practice, anyone can master the 3D pen and create models. As designers say, buyers will be able to make the following:

  • Basic 3D shapes
  • Jewelry and hanging ornament
  • Decoration art
  • Fridge magnets
  • Personalize other objects, even smartphone cases and laptops
  • Mini models of famous locations

Another interesting thing about 3Doodler is a pack of stencils, which are pretty much a set of sophisticated templates that allow people with regular drawing skills to create mini-models of famous objects. For instance, a preview of the Eiffel tower can be constructed rapidly thanks to these templates.

eiffel tower

Artists can take things even one step further, by letting their ideas spring wild and creating lifelike things, like in the image above.

Technical Details

3doodle tech

The 3Doodler measures 180mm in length and 24mm at its thickest point. The pen weights around 200 grams, which is more than the average smartphone and around the weight of an apple. This weight can be adjusted in the command process, where you can tune the pen and pick shell specifications.

While the plastic shell protects the hand from any heat dispersion whatsoever, the metal tip is described as reaching even 270 Celsius degrees and it’s strongly recommended not to be touched, at any time. As for ink, designers have thought of using 3mm thick ABS or PLA plastic, and each model is delivered with a small reserve. The good part is that around 1kg of ink will allow users to model 3 times the size of the Empire State Building.

Funding and availability

At this moment, 3Doodler can be found on the KickStarter page, where it is sold for around $75 a model, plus reserves. Those wishing to spend a little more can earn interesting advantages, besides the basic. The full-state model will be delivered in September this year, if the funding ends successfully. Also, do have a look at the video below, depicting 3Doodler in action.

Update: The project is now successfully funded within hours of going live!

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