With seriously improved CPU and GPU, the PlayStation 4 has been announced by Sony and there are enough important things about it that you should know. What was pretty surprising was the fact that Sony didn’t actually bring the physical PlayStation 4 on the stage, but rather preferred to discuss about its specifications and the potential it has. More than half of the event was given to important game makers across the world.

Therefore, if it mattered to Sony to show us some of the first games for PlayStation 4, then there must be a reason. And it’s a very simple one – Sony wants to win the hearts of consumers with intense gameplay, realistic graphics and awesome story lines. All of that can be found in all the games that we’ve seen last night. For those that missed the show, let’s make a recap. You can take a look at the gallery with all the games or opt to see for gameplays/trailers of some of the first games for PlayStation 4.


While showcasing Knack on stage, Sony has also revealed a new treat for gamers worldwide – multi-user gaming. Obviously, there will be much more games to take us of this, but Knack will remain as the first one to show that you can watch your friends playing and where you can even have the ability to take over the character! Knack is a Pixar-like science fantasy game featuring a tiny robot that can quickly increase its size. Mark Cerny, the leading architect at Play Station 4, is one of the directors of the game. Knack is said to utilize the full graphic and processing power of PlayStation.


Destiny is one of the most awaited titles of this year, very much like Watch Dogs is. Actually, you can see it on PlayStation’s homepage. Bungie, the developer behind Destiny, said that they’ll release this online shooter simultaneously for PlayStation 4 and the newest PlayStation 4. It was also announced that Destiny will have exclusive content for PlayStation. Activision partnered with Bungie for this game and it’s estimated that it will have a lifespan of 10 years. Read more about Destiny in this extensive article.

inFAMOUS Second Son

Judging by what we’ve seen so far, inFamous Second Son is very much similar to Watch Dogs’ idea. inFamous Second Son also talks about the fact that we’re being monitored by the government and that our privacies are being threatened. The main character is called Delsin Rowe and from the looks of it, he’s a very smart commando-hacker, if we can say so. We’re not yet sure if this will be a sequel or a different game from previous editions.

Deep Down

Capcom also had its short moment of glory on the stage where they announced the Panta Rhei engine, which is their new “machine” for making the most out of PlayStation 4’s graphical powers. From the looks of it, Deep Down is a third-person medieval Role Playing Game. The game is not yet final, so we’re not sure when it will become available, but it really looks gorgeous!

Killzone: Shadow Fall

A true shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall was the first game in the show last night that was streamed directly to Facebook. I reckon Killzone fans will be eager to play this new sequel. In Shadow Fall, 30 years have passed since Killzone 3 and you play with a new hero – a Shadow Marshal that has to maintain peace between two enemy factions: the Helghast and the Vektans. Killzone: Shadow Fall shows o very detailed environment with depth of field effects.

Drive Club

We couldn’t forget racing, could we? Drive Club is a social racing game that’s very similar to Gran Turismo. And that’s probably because both Gran Turismo and Drive Club have been developed inside Sony’s own laboratories. Officials that worked on this game said they had the idea for 10 years, but back then, the technology was absent. The name of the game says it all – you create/join a drive club where you race against your friends.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs – one of the most talked about games in a while. Everything is connected and you can get to control almost everything – peoples’ smartphones, train lines, traffic lights and much much more. I’ve always been a huge fan of open world games, because it gives you the feeling of reality and immersity. Ubisoft has put a lot of effort into this game and in the creation of Aiden Pearce, the super hacker, the superhero of our days, when Anonymous, hacking and online surveillance are one of the hottest topics around. Don’t worry, you do get to shoot and fight in this game, as well.

The Witness

Those of you who played Braid will look at this game with big expectations, because it’s made by the same Jonathan Blow. The Witness will be available console exclusive on the PlayStation 4 and Vita, probably. The work on The Witness has been going on for a few years and it will also be available for PC and iOS, probably the iPad.

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