BlackBerry Z10 Review [Video]


BB10 has been the most exciting announcements this year so far. The first smartphone from the BB10 stable is BlackBerry Z10, the all-touch-no-buttons phone looks very similar to the Apple iPhone 5, but the similarity ends with the looks. BlackBerry is hoping that BB10 and Z10 are their window towards reinventing themselves. But is this good enough to help them get their footing back? We shall find that out today.

Let’s get this straight. Z10 is nothing like the good old (and relatively dumb) BlackBerry phones you have seen over the years. While they are still intended for the office boys (pun intended), BlackBerry has added a dash of fun to their latest effort. It’s completely reimagined and redesigned from the scratch.

Find below our detailed video review of BlackBerry Z10.

Video Review

If you prefer a traditional review, it’s coming up really soon.