This is one thing that has been constantly killing our internet pleasure. You are doing a Google hangout, purchasing something off eBay, booking a ticket, chatting with a friend, or writing a document on Google Docs, and out of nowhere the browser decides to it call quits.

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Fixing Google Chrome

Kill Java and upgrade Flash

Java has gone notorious, in the last couple of months the reputation of this app which powers 3 billion devices across several platforms has tumbled. Not only it makes your system vulnerable to the zero exploits, but just its presence make your browsing experience lag.

To remove Java from your Windows computer, go to the Control Panel -> Programs and Features / Uninstall a program and uninstall from your system.

To remove it from your browser, type in the address bar chrome://plugins/ , locate Java and click disable.

java removal from chrome

Trouble with Flash is that it comes pre-built with Chrome (so you don’t necessarily need to install it from adobe’s website). But if the problem persists, you can either disable it in the same fashion in Java, or try upgrading Chrome to its latest version.

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Fix the profile entry error / Chrome first run error

chrome profile error

This is totally uncalled for. If you sync your data to your Gmail account or if you happen to bookmark a lot of web pages, you might face this problem  – every time you open Chrome you are welcomed with this error. To fix it, open Run (Windows Key + r) and paste this location on the dialogue box %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\

Rename the “Default” folder to something else, and try opening Chrome now. Alternatively, you can also use any system cleaning application such as CCleaner (freeware) and under the Application tab, check all the options in Chrome section, and run the cleaner.

It is practically impossible to list down all the errors, but these tips will resolve most of them.

Check for plugins conflict

Chrome browser is built with numerous plugins and scripts, and not all entries can work around with each other. Additionally, installing new software that integrates itself with Chrome can also be the reason behind a crash. Type ” chrome://conflicts” in your address bar. And check if Chrome is suggesting any ongoing conflict. If yes, you are required to remove such modules from Chrome.


Disable the plugin and extension

You can remove the redundant plugins from Chrome, and not only it will help resolving such crashes, but it will also speed up your browser.

Remove all the buggy toolbars

Yes, you don’t need these toolbars. Next time, while installing a software, make sure to uncheck the “Yes, install this toolbar.” option.

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Upgrade, remove and reboot

At last, if nothing works, don’t be disheartened. Try upgrading your browser. If that too doesn’t fix the problem, uninstall the browser not keeping any preference files. Run a system and registry cleaner (CCleaner). Download the stable and not the beta version of Chrome, reboot your system and install it.

Fixing Firefox Crashes

Unresponsive scripts


One of the most common issues in Firefox is its cold heart script attitude towards its users.


It usually ascends when you are using a secured webpage. Anyway, to fix this problem, type in “about:config” in the address bar. Click on the “I’ll be careful, I promise” dialogue box that follows. Now search for “dom.max_script_run_time” and change its value from 10 to 20.

Sliverlight Crash

If you have updated your Firefox recently, and you use Silverlight software (Microsoft’s alternative to Flash) you might have encountered this problem.  To fix it, remove and reinstall Silverlight. If that doesn’t do the trick, open run command, or if you are using Windows 7 or 8, type in “services.msc”. Locate “Tablet PC Input Service”, right click on it, and select Stop. If it doesn’t let you stop the service, use CCleaner, and run a registry clean.

Remove plugins

A plugin can also be the cause of a crash, to remove it manually, open Firefox, and press “Ctrl + Shift + a” (or open Addons from file menu). Select the plugins section, and disable the third party plugin that is causing all the trouble.

If this doesn’t fix it, try opening Firefox in safe mode (Press Shift key while opening it) and click on “Start in safe mode”. If it works fine, try removing any recently installed addons. Also, while you are there, disable Java.

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