The Internet is the place to look if you want any kind of information, and thanks to the marvelous capabilities of the World Wide Web, anyone can go online and find content on virtually any topic. But the best way to learn something is to watch it in action. This applies to basically anything, and it has something to do with how we process information.

Visual information is processed better then audio and so, the best way to learn something is to watch a video. Tutorials can be found on the web on any topic and with a few keystrokes, you can start learning. There are lots of video tutorials on the web, and the best way to find quality content is to search for educational websites that offer learning videos.

Where to find the best learning videos


As we said, learning videos are scattered all over the web, and the best ones can be found on the dedicated educational websites that offer tutorials. Some of them are free, or offer a number of free tutorials, but users can also pay a small fee to access all the content they want. Take a look at the following websites/services that can help you learn things by watching online videos.

  1. Lynda
  2. YouTube EDU
  3. TeacherTube
  4. HowCast
  5. TED Ed
  6. SchoolTube
  7. TeachingChannel
  8. WatchKnowLearn
  9. EduTube
  10. History Chnannel Online
  11. Learner
  12. Sophia
  13. Neok12
  14. VideoJug
  15. TubeTorial
  16. VideoTutorialZone
  17. TutorialVid
  18. WoopID

If you are a visual learner that gets the best results when learning and studying with the help of videos and other visual aids, then these websites will definitely have what you need. Of course, there are many other online learning websites, but they rely on images or just plain text for relating information, but we recommend you give them a try to see if you can learn something from those.


Also, we’ll add YouTube in its own different category because there you can find tutorials on any topic. There are dedicated channels for education and tutorials on different topics on YouTube, but regular users also upload video tutorials and other informational content. Here are just a few examples of some YouTube Channels that you might be interested in.

These are just a few examples of some awesome learning channels that can be found on YouTube. With only a search and a few clicks, you have access to any kind of educational material, and this is why YouTube is in a league of its own. The Internet has become a learning medium like we’ve never seen before.

Thanks to the fact that information is freely flowing on the web, everyone can have access to it. And as Internet connectivity reaches all corners of the world and speeds are getting faster and faster, in a short time, no one will have an excuse to not know something. Also, if you are interested in other online learning tools, this list of free resources will come in handy. If you know of other online video learning websites, please leave us a comment below.

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