Our smartphones have become very, very powerful and are slowly replacing the computer to become the center of our digital lives. We take pictures, we browse online, we listen to music, we play and we do a lot of other things. We create a lot of content that we’d want to be accessible on all the devices that surround us, with almost no effort. Personally, I already hate all sorts of wires and plugs and am hoping for a wireless experience.

The MultiShare USB Jak by bCODA is one such tool that will definitely help you organize your files better. And it is very, very easy to set up – you don’t have to be a geek or even a tech savvy person to do it. The USB Jak makes the content in your Android smartphone and even your iPhone accessible to any external devices that have an USB connector, be it a computer, TV, speaker or even your car. You just install the application (Android & iOS) that comes with the tiny device and through it, you will be able to “feed” the receving device.

jak multishare usb stick

MultiShare USB Jak – the right way to wirelessly access your content

Our smartphones can take pictures at high resolutions, but we can’t make the most of that on our screens, even if you might hold a phablet in your hands right now. The same goes for sound – because it’s obvious that it’s impossible to match the volume from a huge speaker. So, you just grab your USB Jak with you and plug it in any USB-capable device, then access the application on your smartphone, select the playlist you want enabled and voila!

You will have to invest $50 on this tiny gadget but it will surely save you of a lot of headache and will help you get rid of so many intermediary devices and products like:

  • smart TVs, smart TV adaptors, Apple TV
  • HDMI(DLNA) dongles
  • Samsung or Apple proprietary products
  • Airplay audio, DLNA

You don’t need a power adaptor for the MultiShare USB Jak and bCODA says that it will work with any brand or vendor. And yes, it will also work with your Xbox or PlayStation. This small piece of gadgetry has a Wi-Fi module that allows it to communicate with the smartphone. It will also let you share different documents, so you just plug it into a projector and your presentation is ready! If all of this is not enough, then you should also know that you can connect up to 20 smartphones to it in the same time, so you can watch together all the photos you took in that awesome trip. Let’s have a look at the video with the USB Jak in action.

bCODA also promises that there is no signal conversion nor loss of video/audio quality through, and it will stream 1080p video. To know more about this handy piece of technology, you can download the User Guide and see the official presentation of the product. And here are some more pictures of the device.

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