Getting stuff done around the house is necessary to keep everything up and running. However, not everyone is good with DIY or electronics, so they sometimes have to look for specialized technicians to get the job done. If you are willing to take the time and learn a few tricks that will help you around the house, then your mobile device might be the best teacher.

There are lots of apps that can help you improve your home, and they range from DIY apps to home automation, shopping and everything in between. These apps are designed to make your everyday life easier by providing you with the necessary information that you need to improve your home. Today, we’ll give you a few examples of such apps.

What can a home improvement app do for you?

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Well, for starters, an app is a easy and simple way to obtain information about pretty much any household item, as well as means of searching and buying certain items online, thus saving you time and effort. Think of them as virtual toolboxes.

There are a few types of apps that will help you around the house, so, depending on what you need, you will have a few to choose from. We previously talked about some apps that you can use, and we will remind you of them if you’ve missed those posts. There are a number of apps that will help you around the house. We’ll provide you with some of the best ones from each category, so you will have a good idea of what you can use.

Automation Apps

If you don’t remember, we talked a while back about how to control home electronics, and a part of that was by using automation systems that allow you to control certain appliances and other electronics from your mobile device via dedicated apps. These are probably the best ways for someone to use apps to improve their house. Also, remember that some smart thermostats also allow remote control via apps on your smartphone, so you can use your mobile device as a universal remote.

If you want to see a few ways in which you can automate some of your household appliances, then be sure to check out our tutorial on controlling home electronics, where you can see both automation apps as well as some solutions for DIY.

DIY Apps

Many like to make things with own two hands, and when something gets broken, fixing, rather than replacing is the prefered way. For those who are into DIY, there are a lot of apps available on pretty much any mobile platform, as well as lots of websites where users can find lots of projects and information. These range from simple fixes or creating home furniture and other household items to electronics and complex projects that can help your home. All this information is literally available in the palm of your hand.

  • DIY DO IT – iOS / $0.99
  • Handy Man DIY – iOS / $1.99
  • iHandy Carpenter – iOS and Android / $1.99
  • eHow – iOS and Windows Phone / Free
  • Do it yourself (DIY) – Android / Free
  • Handyman Calculator – Android / Free
  • Craftsman Tools and DIY App – Android / Free
  • Make Your Home – Android / Free
  • Good Housekeeping @Home – Android / Free
  • Home Improvement Calcs – iOS / $1.99
  • iHandy Level Free – iOS / Free

Design Apps

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If you have downloaded your prefered DIY app and you learned how to make bedroom furniture or other items, you might want to look at some interior and exterior design apps. While these apps are not as useful as the others, they provide you with lots of ideas of what you can do with your own home. There are some very well known design apps that have made many users happy and they have helped these people create their dream homes. If you want your home to be tailor made for you, then you need to some research, and by using a design app, you will be able to do it.

Shopping Apps

The lazy man’s best friend is a app that allows him to do his shopping from home, without the need of going from store to store in search of a lamp or the perfect table. The best thing about online shopping is that you save a lot of time and you can visit different stores and compare prices on different items. Thanks to the fact that many online stores offer mobile apps for their customers, it’s easy to download them and start browsing the virtual shelves for the very best items.

  • Lowe’s – Android and iOS / Free
  • Home Depot – Android, iOS, Windows Phone / Free
  • eBay – Android, iOS, Windows Phone / Free
  • Amazon – Android, iOS, Windows Phone / Free
  • IKEA – Android, iOS / Free
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