Summer is almost upon us but we’re still here with the latest and greatest apps from the Android world! With a slight delay, we’re back to bring you our selection of what we think are the best Android applications for the week ending on May 26th. Those curious to get some apps for their Apple devices should take a look at our “sister” iOS apps list.

Just like in our latest roundup of the best Android apps, we’ve featured some fun games for your gaming pleasure. You will also find here apps that were rejected by Apple from the App Store but found their way in the Google Play Store. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Clueful (Free)

clueful android privacy app

Privacy is a big concern these days and that’s why BitDefender, the reputed security company, has released Clueful, an Android application that’s meant to tell you how exactly installed apps use your information. Whenever you install an app from the Play Store, it usually informs you about the permissions it will require. But there are other things an app can do that you aren’t aware of, such as spamming your notifications bar, reading your browsing history and even intercepting SMS. Use Clueful to know everything about the Android apps you install!

Amazon Local (Free)

amazon local best android apps

Available only for those residing in the United States, Amazon Local is an Android app that lets you find awesome deals in your city. Clearly competing with Groupon-like websites, Amazon Local tries to be different by allowing you to buy deals straight from your Android device and then use them without having to print the voucher at all. If you want, you can even choose to receive notifications about your local deals!

Epic (Free)

The Epic movie hasn’t yet made its worlwide debut, but Gameloft has already released the official game. As always, this is a game with awesome graphics where you get to grow the Jinn forrest kingdom. With help from the Leafmen samurai warriors, your mission will be to conquer the forces of evil that wish to destroy your forrest. You can even ask your Facebook friends to help, as the game also happens inside a social world.

Mensa Academy ($2.99)

mensa academy best android app

I always had the impression that Square Enix, the well-known company behind Mensa Academy, only makes games for consoles, such as the upcoming Play Station 4. This Android puzzle/brain game is packed full with a lot of questions that are meant to train and enhance your memory, logic, visualization and much more. Now, this is that kind of app that you’d want your kids playing all day long!

Arma Tactics THD ($4.99)

Arma Tactics is a popular war strategy game that has recently been available for the Android environment. If you played any of the Arma series games on your PC, then you already know that the game is definitely worth its price. The sad part is that, currently, the game will only work for Tegra 3/4 games and for the recently announced Project Shield gaming console from Nvidia. However, support for more platforms is due in a short wile.

Fast & Furious 6: The Game (Free)

Just like with Epic, Fast & Furious 6: The Game is the official Android game for the movie that is currently featuring in cinemas all over the world. Inside the game, you will be able to ride some of the fastest and classiest cars in the world, as well as compete in tournaments and join crews to become the ultimate fast and furious drivers.

Flib (Free)

flib converter android app

Who could’ve thought that a converter app could look so beautiful? Flib – a converter with memory is an Android app that simply has to be amongst your apps if you’re travelling and you’re facing issues with converting speed, weight or anything else with the local equivalents. You will be able to convert the following: angles, areas, bases, data, energy, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, volume.

Saga (Free)

We’ve talked about Saga quite a while ago, but back then, it was available only for iOS devices. In a nutshell, Saga is a lifelogging automatic app that records your daily activities. It might sound a little weird to “log your life”, but by knowing how much time you spend in transit, in the park, you will be able to better allocate it for the future.

Hue Notifier ($1.29)

This is one application for those that really can’t stand not knowing that they’ve got a new important email, Facebook message or whatnot. Hue Notifier connects to your Philips Hue lightbulbs (recently being sold in Apple’s Store, as well) to inform you through a flash about a text message or incoming call. You can even change the color and the duration of the flash, to make it specific for your most used apps.

Rain Sounds ($1.99)

Personally, I feel that the sounds of a calm, cooling rain represents the best way to be at peace with yourself and the world around you. You can listen to the relaxing sounds of rain when you’re working or jogging out. You can even “customize” your own rain, by adjusting the levels of the rain, the heavy thunder and the rolling thunder. And it really sounds natural!

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