Things are definitely more agitated in the iOS camp, where Apple has updated their mobile operating system, also bringing a new design. But this doesn’t bother Android users all over the world at all. That’s why we keep on scouting the Google Play Store every week to bring you la crème de la crème in matter of Android applications.

For the week that has ended on the 16 of June we’ve compiled a nice list of both free and paid Android apps and games. There’s a game here whose price might raise a few eyebrows, but die-hard fans will buy it nonetheless. We’ve also got games for kids, cards games and some really useful Android apps that are bound to remain installed on your device for a long time. Let’s have a look at them all.

Google Cloud Print (Free)

google cloud print best android app

No longer shall we have to relay on third-party apps to make use of Google’s Cloud Print service as the company has recently released an official, standalone application which is completely free, of course. You will only need a Cloud Print enabled printer for that and your Android device.

This app will prove to be very useful for those that happen to check the news while commuting to work. You will be able to push for print a certain file everywhere you are and read it once you are back. Not to mention how useful this will prove to be in your work environment.

BBC Weather (Free)

BBC is one of the most reputed broadcasting companies in the world. And they are also aggressively promoting their services in the bbc weather android appmobile world, as you will see that there are so many Android and iOS apps out there that are branded by BBC. The BBC Weather app will prove to be useful especially for those living in the UK, since it comes with some extra features for them, such as “hourly forecasts with detailed information for the next 48 hrs” and “sunrise/sunset times, UV, Pollen and Pollution information”.

But this app will work for you everywhere you are and will definitely help you plan your next days. If you’ve been following Technology Personalized, then you know we love weather apps, so do check out some of them we’ve reviewed:

  • Haze – Weather Never Looked THIS Good!
  • Yahoo! Weather – I am Gonna Love you, Come Rain or Shine
  • Swackett: Weather with Character

Space Colony ($1.95)

Most likely, none of use will get to see the days when humans will establish colonies on other planets. Luckily enough, we have at least technology to help us envision how will that be. If you are passionate about stars, space travel, planets, then Space Colony is the “game” for you. Watch human colonies in space, straight from your Android smartphone or tablet. Space Colony is actually an Android live wallpaper and you can play around with it by changing colony background, city illumination, toxic aura, camera tracks and other things.

What’s the Phrase ($1.99)

Word games represent a great way to keep your vocabulary rich and your memory trained in the same time. What’s the Phrase is an Android game developed by the Zynga company that got famous thanks to its social games on Facebook. Inside the game you have 40 fresh and unique categories to choose from. You can challenge your friends to see who guesses faster the right word. You can also play this word game in Spanish, French, Italian, German or Portuguese.

CPU-Z (Free)

Many people use powerful Android smartphones but theydon’t have a clue about their innards. And maybe they don’t even need to cpu z best android appknow, it’s sufficient for them for the device to keep up with its tasks.

However, with the help of the CPU-Z application, you can learn more about your device. It will reveal the following technical details about your device:

  • Microprocessor name, architecture & clock speed for each core
  • Device brand & model
  • Screen resolution
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Battery information : level, status, temperature
  • Sensors

Final Fantasy IV ($15.99)

The priciest item in our weekly list of the best Android apps is Final Fantasy IV. The original game first debuted in 1991 and soon became as popular as the previous editions. Final Fantasy fans will be pleased to know that voice acting for event scenes has been added into the game.  There is also a new mapping feature which makes “players start with a completely blank dungeons map”. Those of you who don’t know, Final Fantasy has already reached its 14th game.

Vodio Personal Video Curator (Free)

Did you know that there are 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute? Of course, it’s impossible to watch all that content as it’s being consumed separately by users according to their preferences and personal tastes. To help you discover more of what you like, Vodio “learns from your preferred viewing choices and your social profiles” and then suggests other videos for your viewing pleasure. If you want, you can also browse the following categories: most popular, entertainment, tech, music, sports, news, comedy, science and more.

Guncrafter Pro ($0.99)

Guncrafter Pro is a game where you get to build your own weapon and then use it to compete against friends and enemies in a Minecraft-like style. If you want, you can also choose the free version, but the Pro one comes with some nice features, and, of course, no advertisements inside. But I think the best way to discover how this game actually works is to have a look at the gameplay video.

UNO & Friends (Free)

uno android game

I still don’t know how to play this famous card game, but I’m sure many of you do. UNOL & Friends is developed by Gameloft, a company that needs no presentation. Join a community of milions of UNO fans across the world. You can also compete in weekly contests to win rewards and to rank higher in the precious leaderboards. If you’re a cards games lover, then this should be on your Android phone or tablet.

Crayon Physics Deluxe ($2.99)

What if the drawings you make could be brought to life? Well, not 3D life as we know it, but rather, a 2D physical “life” that happens in the boundaries of your mobile phone’s screen. Everything you draw become a physical objects and drops. So, if you’ll draw an oblique line and then a circle, naturally, the circle should roll. Have a look at the video to get a better understanding of the game.

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