iOS 7 was introduced earlier this month and we are already seeing some apps inspired by the new design being introduced in the App store. For this week ending 23rd June, we have a couple of such apps in our best iOS apps roundup.

Last week, our weekly roundup was heavily dominated by games, and surprisingly, this week we don’t have even a single game. We do have a science show inspired app, but that can’t be termed as a game as such. And yes, we have a couple of productivity apps, a couple of photo gallery apps and an app for music lovers. Let’s go checkout the best iOS apps this week.

Sleep Genius (Free)

Billed as the world’s most advanced sleep app, Sleep Genius uses neurosensory algorithms, multiband binaural beats, pink noise and psychoacoustic music. It comes with options to choose one of the three different sleep programs to help you get the optimal night’s sleep, an alarm with a gentle 5 minute Revive Cycle and Power Nap feature created for optimal brain rejuvenation.

Soundwave (Free)

Soundwave is a nice way to share what you’re listening to in real-time. Be it on Spotify or Rdio, Soundwave will log the entry in your profile. In addition, it lets users to follow one another and see each other’s activity in a feed as they listen to music. What’s more? You get to listen to a 30-second preview of the song you discovered, which you can buy if you choose to. Below is a demo of the app on Android, but the iOS version is pretty similar too.

Poutsch (Free)

Poutsch has been around as a web service, but now makes its way onto iOS with a brand new app for the iPhone. Poutsch is a neat way to ask questions, express opinions, and engage in debates with friends and people all over the world. If you have some free time over the weekend, this is a nice way to kill it.


Dispatch ($4.99)

Dispatch is a new productivity app for iPhone which aims to integrate your email with a variety of iOS apps. Though it’s an email client per se, the developer has no plans to come out with features like Push notifications. You can use Dispatch to send notes about an email to other apps like Evernote, or Drafts. You can create reminders to follow up on an email in an app like Things or Due. So you can triage your reminders and todos to the right tools instead of having your inbox double up as your notebook, calendar, to-do and bucket list.

Origami (Free)

Origami is a new family-focused service which lets people share moments, photos, and videos with their family members in real time. The app is an extension of the web service and requires an account to be created for it to work. Origami is developers by the folks behind he app Everyme, and is pretty similar in terms of concept and idea.

Photoful (Free)

Photoful is the re-branded avatar of PhotoSocial, which aims to replace the Photo gallery app of your iPhone. Apple has surely improved upon the Photos app in iOS 7, but Photoful extends the functionality with its ability to integrate with other third-party apps.


CloudSpotter ($2.99)

CloudSpotter is your virtual guide to the wonders of the sky, with which you can discover the amazing and unexpected world of clouds. Recently NASA announced that they will use the data gathered by CloudSpotters around the globe to calibrate their CERES cloud-observing satellite instruments. That’s no mean achievement, isn’t it?


Eventiles (Free)

Eventiles is the second photo gallery replacement app we are featuring today. It organizes your photos into meaningful events, gives them titles, discard duplicates, and selects the best pictures to create beautiful collages. And all of these are done automatically. It’s free for a limited time. So grab it ASAP.


Bill Nye The Science Guy (Free)

To commemorate 20 years of raining facts on TV audiences via his Emmy Award-winning show, Bill Nye the Science guy has teamed up with Disney to come out with an iOS app that’s full of science goodness for children ages 4 and up. It also features a couple of games and some video clips from select episodes of the TV show.


Morning ($2.99)

As you might have guessed from the name, Morning is a great way to start your day. It brings the weather, calendar, news etc right there on a big iPad-sized dashboard. The design matches the flatness of iOS 7. And the best part about Morning is its integration with Reminders.


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