DailyApp: Where’s My Mickey? (iOS, Android): Old Wine, Classic Bottle

When Disney scored a hit with Where’s My Water a couple of years ago, many ascribed it to the fact that it had not only come up with a game with addictive game play but also a whole new character, Swampy the cute crocodile (yes, we are aware that we used the words “cute” and “crocodile” together). Many considered it as a sign that Disney was moving on to new characters – a thought that was strengthened when another puzzle game featuring another relatively unknown character, a kitten called Mittens made it big earlier this year. Well, the big D has now unleashed arguably the most famous character in cartoon history in its Where’s My…series: Mickey Mouse himself.


The game is available in versions for both small screens and large ones (read tablets). And well, we would recommend biting the bullet and spending the extra bucks for the larger screen format, for this game is, at the cost of sounding cliched, best experienced on the big(ger) screen. Of course, the critics will carp that this is basically the same game as Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry with a few extra puzzles and a new character thrown in. And to give them their due, they are right. For, Where’s My Mickey is, like its “Where’s My…” predecessors, all about getting water through various devious routes to a character who needs it. But ah, what a character it is this time, and Disney certainly have milked the most out of good ol’ Mickey – each level starts with a small film featuring His Mouseship, with the occasional extra character (Pluto, for instance) thrown in for good measure.


To their credit, the developers have indeed tried to bring something new to the table this time around. So apart from moving obstacles in the path of the life giving fluid en route to Mickey, you also have the option of making water enter clouds and then making the clouds rain. You can also opt to spend water on helping plants grow in certain directions to deflect gusts of wind and clouds. Of course, not all fluids are healthy. Some can scald and burn. There are four levels, each in different conditions (one is even in space), and each has sixty puzzles so there is plenty to play around here. Get through those and if you have performed well enough, you will be able to play a couple of Goofy levels – the levels, incidentally, are sane, but the main character literally is Goofy, Mickey’s loony friend. Of course, you can just go right ahead and unlock them by paying 99 cents for each level.


The big question is whether you should cough up not just that amount but indeed that demanded by the main app? After solving dozens of puzzles, we must confess to having mixed feelings. Yes, the sentimentalist streak in us does love the little jigs of joy and frustration that Mickey does when he gets (or fails to get) the water he so needs. But honestly, purely from a gameplay point of view, we never really got the buzz that we did while playing Where’s My Water? or Mittens. Some of the puzzles are good, but we often found ourselves playing just to see how Mickey reacted when we succeeded or failed. Mickey Mouse fans will love it, but new generation gamers looking to work out their little grey cells a la a certain Belgian detective are unlikely to be as impressed. Cartoonland’s premier rodent perhaps deserved better, we think.

Available from: Google Play, iTunes App Store
Price: $0.99 (phone version), $1.99 (tablet edition)