We are back with our weekly download list of amazing PC tools. This week we will see how to control media players by hand gestures. We take a look at the full-featured Instagram app for Windows 8. Prevent our computers from dozing off. We will also see how you don’t need to worry about adding HTML tags to your texts before publishing them on the web. Along with that, we have featured some amazing extensions and listed down all the software which got updated this past week.

Best Software

Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview (Type: Free, OS: Windows 7, Size: 54MB)

internet explorer 11 developer preview

From the browser you loved to hate to one of the best browsers to make access to the internet, Internet Explorer surely has come a long way. The 10th version of the app is fantastic, and now we have a chance to sneak peek into what you could expect in Internet Explorer 11. Although it will be bundled as a part of Windows 8.1, which is coming out on the 17th and 18th of October this year, its developer edition for Windows 7 has already come out.

As anticipated, the browser is significantly faster and stronger from a security standpoint. It also brings support for WebGL and the new coding language HTML5. Regarding the elite things, IE 11 is the first browser on the planet to decode JPEGs and render text using a graphics processor.

Open Hardware Monitor (Type: Free, OS: All Windows versions, Size: 514 KB)


If your computer has started lagging lately, it could be because of something going wrong inside its CPU. Open Hardware Monitor lets you check the status of various red-hot components of your computer. The minimalistic tool shows you several important details like temperature, voltage, fan speed, CPU core speed, and processor speed. The app is up to date with different versions and models coming out these days. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and can be executed without installation.

InstaPic (Type: Free, OS: Windows 8, Size: 7 MB)


The first and only full-fledged client of Instagram arrived at Windows 8 app store this month. The app has got all the features of Instagram, such as Register, Sign-in, Comment, Share, Follow, Like etc. You can also post media content from your camera and library to your account directly from the app.

It is worth noting that this is not the official app for Instagram. The popular photo-sharing service is known to have troublesome relations with its third-party clients. It’s known to us that they have been keep altering their APIs and blocking every third-party app access. So how long this app will function can’t be said.

Don’t Sleep 3.03 (Type: Free, OS: All Windows versions, Size: 43 KB)

Consider you are in a meeting or giving a live demonstration of something. The last thing you would want is a delay because, apparently, some software you just installed wants to restart your computer, or you accidentally hit the power key. That could really be not very pleasant. To prevent any similar thing from happening, you can try out Don’t Sleep. As the name suggests, the app just won’t let your computer sleep, shut down, go to hibernation mode or even log off, for that matter. It even kills any screen saver from appearing on the screen. There is also a timer by which you can set how long you want to keep your computer awake.

MarkdownPad (Type: Free, OS: All Windows versions, Size: 32MB)

MarkdownPad is a very handy tool for people who publish things on the web and also for newbies to the world of HTML and XHTML. The app cuts down the pressure of writing things in web-language as it adds the required tags and layouts to your simple plain English documents. It can also help you understand the code. The app offers some handy features like instant HTML preview, full customization, and using your own CSS and keyboard shortcuts to help reduce your time.

Flutter 0.7.18 (Type: Free, OS: All Windows versions, Size: 4MB)

This is an amazing tool that lets you control your media-player playback with your gestures. It monitors your move through your webcam. As of now, the app supports iTunes, Spotify, Quicktime, and VLC media player.

Browser Extensions



Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, Grammarly is a nifty tool that proofreads your writing for any spelling and grammatical errors that you might have left behind. The app claims to check over 250 points of grammar to improve your word choice. For advanced features like subject-verb agreement, run-ons, comma splice, and word choice, you will need to upgrade your free plan to the pro version.



Want to utilize your New Tab page of Chrome to do something meaningful? OneFeed, a Chrome extension, turns your New Tab page into a social network feed. Once you have authorized the app to integrate with your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus account, you will be able to see all the updates on your New Tab page.

Paranoid Browsing

It’s no secret that governments and advertisers are following our online activities. While both of them make sense from a certain standpoint, it’s also true that it simply kills our privacy. If you are one of those people who don’t necessarily want others to know about your activities in the digital woods, you can use Paranoid Browsing. It’s a Chrome extension that simply manipulates your activities on the web and makes your browser reflect a whole set of different browsing histories.

Tab Search

tab search

Every day we open a plethora of tabs on our browser, so many tabs that it becomes troublesome to figure out which one is displaying what. This is where Tab Search comes into play. The extension lets you look for what various open tabs on your Opera browser are showing.

Software Updates

Chrome 30 Beta

The beta version of Chrome 30 is now available for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. Among the surfeit new things the browser cards, the improvement over image searching is one of the highlights. A lot of new APIs, including in-app payments and downloads, have been added to the browser. The speech recognition has also been polished, and the support for WebRTC has got an improvement as well.

Winamp 5.70 Full Beta

The popular skinnable media player received an update today. The app has finally brought Winamp Cloud beta. The high-resolution compatibility issue has been resolved, and you can now see the artwork in your Flac files. Other than that, there are many more bug fixes and optimizations.

VirtualBox 4.3.0 Beta 1

The popular virtualization utility by Oracle, VirtualBox released the first beta for version 4.3. The updated version, as anticipated, has got a lot of massive developments. To list a few, keyboard shortcuts management has been laced with more power, support for IPv6 has been added, and tons of old codes have been reviewed and tuned. Now you can tag several Virtual Machines (VM) with the same internal network and can also share one NAT service with all. The tool gives you more information about connected peripherals. Also, bugs and lags hindering 3D support have also been fixed.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Popular security suite Emsisoft Anti-Malware also received an update past this week. The update apparently makes the app significantly lighter and faster. The browser now deals with potentially unwanted programs residing in the browser in a more effective way. There has been a substantial improvement in infection recovery time, and the suite has been well-optimized for screen readers.

Notably, Flash Player, Firefox browser, Maxathon Cloud Browser, Adobe Air, Paint.NET, iTunes, RealPlayer, Internet Download Manager, and LibreOffice too received minor updates this past week.

Tip of the week: IFTTT recipes for torrenting!

For those of you who don’t know, IFTTT is pretty much like the condition statement “if”. It triggers specific things for specific conditions. We have featured many of its recipes on our site several number of times. One of the thing that hasn’t been talked much is recipes for torrenting! There are some amazing recipes doing array number of cool things, like automatically downloading torrent data to your Dropbox folder.

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