This year’s IFA 2013 show in Berlin has been a true place of surprises, but we have yet to seen something more heart-lifting than Lenovo’s ultra-wide monitor, as I like to call it. Known as  the ThinkVision LT2934z, this is a 29-inch diagonal screen with an astonishing viewing surface that will surely attract the eyes of business orientated customers or gaming fanatics.

Developed with a 21:9 aspect ration in mind that offers almost a third more viewing area than conventional screens, the newest ThinkVision monitor is a state-of-the-art concept. Ideal for business orientated customers but also those that like to game heavily, this display can increase work efficiency and replace conventional dual-monitor set-ups.


Lenovo ThinkVision 29-inch Monitor – a Master at work

Thanks to its panoramic design and wide viewing angles, the LT2934z offers a true cinematic experience. Best used in work or gaming-related environments, where the advantage of the extra columns can mean the world for someone working in Microsoft Excel or for someone presenting a slideshow, this creations shows its weakness or, should I rather say, innovation when it comes to viewing videos. With most movies being developed in 16:9 formats,  the 21:9 aspect ratio of the ThinkVision will only be translated as think, black bezels during the show.

A great creation nevertheless, the ThinkVision can offer 2560×1080 resolutions and an enhanced experience, thanks to a Full HD webcam, built-in speakers and dual-array microphones with noise-cancellation features.

The unit will be available in October, with prices starting from $799.

Other features:

  • High Performance IPS panel with 178/178 viewing angles
  • Complete sRGB color gamut
  • Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture features that can display two independent video signal from different stations under the same viewing area
  • Intelligent toggle that can switch the main signal from one computer, to another
  • Dedicated mic mute, pick-up/drop-call buttons
  • Volume keys
thinkvision specifications sheet
Complete specifications sheet

(The editor travelled to Berlin on the invitation of Lenovo)

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