Many people, including myself, find gift shopping pretty difficult. There are so many awesome tech toys you’d want to buy that you are simply overwhelmed. On the other hand, browsing from shop to shop is also boring and time consuming, so a better alternative is to shop online for all those geek tech toys that you and your friends enjoy.

Also, since school is just around the corner, updating your gadget collection must be a priority. This is another place where some of these services will excel. If you plan on being in the center of attention, enhanced by silicon chips and GHz of processing power, then some websites where you can buy geeky tech toys will help you out.

Why buy geeky tech toys online?

where to buy geeky tech toys

Well, any self respecting geek has a lot more love for the virtual world, than the real world. We all know the graphics look awesome in RL, but everything falls a bit short, so buying stuff online will help us stay indoors, in the virtual world that we know and love.

Another factor is the shear diversity that online shopping offers customers. Many more products are available online, and we have lots of different stores to compare prices. Also, searching online allows users to read reviews and get to know how the products are, a definite advantage when compared to actually going to your local tech shop and do your shopping.

Last but not least, comfort. Shopping for tech toys online is easy. You can sit back, relax with a cup of coffee and with only a few clicks, do all the shopping you need. Then, wait out a few days and have your products conveniently delivered at your doorstep.

Where to buy Geeky Tech Toys

If you’re in the market of buying some awesome gadgets or other geek-related merchandise, we’d recommend you take a look at what these online stores have to offer.  NerdVana is real, and just like we hoped for, it resides in the digital world.  Tech gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, and each geek has his own favorite type of gadgets. While some fill their basement with comic books and lightsabers, others pour all their hard earned cash in their computers or gaming areas.

You’ll all be pleased to know that there is a store for each and every one you. Where you will find all the things that make you happy and fulfilled. Of course, I do understand that no matter how much stuff you manage to get your grubby hands on, there’s always something else you want.

websites to buy tech toys for geeks

Xoxide – Offering customers a wide assortment of computer accessories that modders can use to customize their cases, at pretty decent prices, this service has to be checked out by everyone who is [passionate about computer customization.

DealExtreme – Probably the best known website for buying gadgets and tech toys, DX has a massive array of products available for its customers, as well as free shipping to different countries.

ThinkGeek – Having a very user friendly website, this service allows customers to buy products like gadgets, clothing, electronics and pretty much anything else they would need. Also, users can sort the products via their favorite movie or TV show.

Meritline – If you’re looking for a store that has anything from shoes to ink cartridges or RC robots, then you should check out Meritline. This service provides its customers with pretty much any gadget, geek toy or “normal” stuff they could think of.

Neatoshop – Neatshop deal all kinds of products, from jewelry to car accessories or computer gadgets. Also, they have this nice way of sorting items via categories like Zombie, Cute Store, Bacon Store and other similar searches.

Gadgets and Gear – Now this is a shop that is made for a geek. Customers will find all kinds of awesome gadgets and much more on this website. Anything from a Higgs Bison watch to an Epic Win or Epic Fail stamp. If you have a few hours, then you should definitely check this service out.

Scientifics – While this website is not as popular as other places to buy tech toys, it still has some awesome gadgets that a tech savvy person would want in their gadget packed home. The design of the website is very intuitive and they offer a wide array of products from different areas.

Firebox – Their tagline is “The coolest things you can buy”, and this is pretty much true. The website filters their offerings via type, so you have a choice from food and drinks, clothing, gadgets and more others. There are lots of products for every category, as well as a detailed description and customer ratings.

Klear Gear – Although this website doesn’t have as many geeky tech toys to offer, as the others in this list, you can still check it out, as it has some interesting and unique products. Also, their prices are pretty low, which makes it even more appealing.

Paramount Zone – If you live in the UK, and you are searching for a fine place to buy geeky tech toys, then Paramount Zone is the place you want to check out. The website offers lots of awesome toys are reasonable prices and its offering even extend to kitchen gadgets and other home appliances.

Latest Buy – Tech lovers who live Down Under can shop for their geeky toys on a Latest Buy, a service that has a big collection of gadgets and other interesting stuff. Also, some of them are arranged in categories like “Star Wars”, “Dr. Who” and other awesome geek shows.

I Want One of Those – The name of this website is definitely well picked. Offering its customers lots of awesome gadgets and tech toys, anyone will most likely say that they want one of those to play with. If you’re stuck finding a gift for a geek friend, then check this website out.

Sharper Image – Straying just a bit from the other websites featured on this list, Sharper Image has more than tech toys and office gadgets to offer. Customers will be able to find high tech home appliances and even furniture on this website.

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