After quite a long break, we’re back with our Android roundup of the most noticeable Android apps of the past week. We know you have missed it, so I’ll make sure that the apps from this list will make it up for the lost time. Albeit lately, the focus was on Apple as it has unveiled the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c, things in the Android world have kept going, and we’ve seen recently some details about the LG Nexus 5 in a recent FCC filing.

For the week ending on September 15, we have gathered up ten Android applications that let you do the things you’ve always wanted to: watch TV shows for free, create awesome music straight from your smartphone, easily scan .pdf files and organize your games in a collection. We have apps that perform exactly these functions and also a few games. Let’s get it started!

Xbox Music (Free)

xbox music android app

Microsoft wants to make sure it reaches to as many customers as possible, even if they’re using a product of their rilvals. To use Xbox Music on Android, you’ll need a Xbox Music Pass and then you’ll be able to listen to compeletely ad-free music from tens of millions of songs. Right from your Xbox Music Android app you can manage your own Xbox Music collection to add songs, albums and playlists that are synced multiple devices and platforms: phone, Xbox 360 (Xbox One will also be added), PC, tablet and online.

Terraria (Free)

Indie games lovers have probably heard about Terraria, a critically-acclaimed and one of the best-selling indie adventure games. And now, it has arrived on Android, also being compatible for tablets. The free Android app has a big drawback – you get to explore only the tutorial world and you can’t save your progress.

The full version costs $4.99 to unlock and comes with a lot of appealing features:

  • 200+ crafting recipes that include weapons, armor, potions
  • 25+ block types to build just about anything
  • 75+ monsters and 5 bosses to fight against

Every world that you will explore will be unique and you will encounter dynamic water & lava, day and night cycles. Also, the game is compatible with the Google Play Game Services, which means there is a leaderboard that you can aim for and also a couple of achievements.

Show Box (Free)

show box android app

We’ve been your guide and help when it comes to watching TV shows for free online, and we want to continue that by including in our list the Show Box free Android app. We are really not sure how this is possible, the the Show Box app comes with an impressing number of TV shows that you can watch now, completely free. You should hurry up, even if we hope, we don’t know how long this app will manage to stay alive.

Botifier (Free)

This is one Android app that geeks or just tech savvy persons will definitely appreciated. Botifier is one of those incredibly simple, yet so useful apps on specific occasions. The Botifier app pushes Android notifications from your drawer to any connected Bluetooth device tht supports AVRCP 1.3 (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile). What this means is that you can use it to do the following:

  • Show notifcations on car radio
  • Show application as artist
  • Show summary as album
  • Show full notification text as title
  • Play notification via text to speech
  • Use next/previous track to navigate through notifications
  • Use pause/play button to remove notifcation
  • Use forward button to close notification stream might help to regain focus to previous playing audio.

I guess not too many people will use this application, but geeks and technology lovers will definitely give it a try! In Android 4.3, you can enable Botifier going to Settings -> Security -> Notification Access -> Enable Botifier. You can also enable Botifier via Accessiblity: Settings -> Accessiblity -> Enable Botifier.

Music Maker Jam (Free)

If you love to sing songs, then you probably might be interested in karaoke apps, but if you want to create songs, then you need to turn your eyest Music Maker Jam. This is one of the most complete Android apps for aspiring DJ’s and just those of you who feel they have the talent to create songs. Here are the main features of this app:

  • 4 free musical styles and associated loops: Hip Hop, Dance, Rock & Jazz
  • Over 1000 instruments
  • 8 channel mixer board
  • Adjust tempo and key
  • Real time sound effects can be applied with tilt function
  • Loops can be randomly chosen by shaking your device
  • Record and then export songs to upload to social media channels and share them with your friends

If you want more styles for your songs, you can always purchase loops from Dubstep, Drum&Bass, Techno, Movie Score, House, Metal and more.

Reaper (Free)

The second and the last Android game from our weekly list is Reaper, a really adventurous RPG game. You play as the Black Swordsman and you have to solve countless questst that lay ahead of you. Like a true RPG game, you get to level up your character and to improve its skills and also to get more swords and better armor. The game is compatible with Google Play Achievements, Leaderboards and Cloud Save • Also, you can play it on the Nvidia shield console, if you have one.

Sidebar Plus (Free)

sidebar plus android app

Sidebar Plus is another Android app that wants  to make the most of multi-tasking. What sets it apart from the rest is the fact that the app is pretty snappy and doesn’t take too much of your system’s resources.Your sidebars can thus be filled with apps, contacts, settings that you frequently change, shortcuts and other different widgets. Also, you can set up more than just one bar and customize it with its own theme, colors, icon size and even opacity.

Everypost (Free)

Whenever we want to share something with our online friends, we have to update our Facebook, Twitter and any other social media accounts we might have. Everypost takes care of that, letting you post in the same time on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, tumblr, Flickr and even via Email. You can post text, photos and videos and even shorten your urls and add hashtags.

My Game Collection (Free)

If you’re a die-hard gamer, then you probably have a lot of games piled up, both in physical and digital formats. My Game Collection app my game collection androidwants to help you with that – to keep track of all the games you have played or acquired. There are three solutions that you can use to add games to your app:

  • Steam: add games by entering your custom id, profile id or steam id
  • Manual: just input the name of the game and select you correct game & platform from the list
  • Barcode: My Game Collection Android app will find the game using the open database of UpcDatabase

My Game Collection is able to find games from almost all the major gaming platforms, so this is going to be a true help if you are a true gamer.

Genius Scan (Free)

Genius Scan is actually a software that has been used until now by more than 10 million users worldwide. But now it has come to the Android world, to transform your smartphone into a true documents scanner in your pocket. Using this appiclaction, you can quickly scan documents and then email them as JPEG or PDF. The paid Genius Scan+ feature will also let you export your scans to Box, Dropbox, Evernote or other cloud services. This is better than taking pictures with yur camera because  The Genius Scan scanner technology comes with smart page detection, perspective correction and  image post-processing.

genius scan android

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