Taking care of your health and your looks is something all of use must do everyday. That’s why we use personal care products, that vary from a basic handkerchief to smart electric toothbrushes. As technology has evolved, new companies have appeared and new ingenious products have been launched in the market to help us take better care of ourselves. We’ve tried to compile a list with some of the best personal care gadgets there are.

It wasn’t easy to find all these personal care gadgets and it was even harder to decide which to highlight and talk about more. That’s why, if you’re really interested in discovering what are some really useful gadgets to assist in your daily personal care routine, do check out also the products at the end that we will only mention, as they also have some features that you will definitely find appealing. As you will see, the products are for different purposes and come with different prices, from accessible to even almost luxurious. Without further ado, let’s explore together some interesting and much needed personal care gadgets.

Laser guided Philips Beard Trimmer 9000

We’ve featured this gadget previously on Technology Personalized in our article with the gadgets that caught our attention at IFA 2013. Philips’ Beard Trimmer Series 9000 comes with a laser guiding system that allows you to obtain the exact look you want. Besides this, it is waterproof so you can clean without issues, it has a one hour battery lifespan and it also has a dual-sided reversible trimmer for increased utility. Also, it has a The LED display that shows the battery level and the chosen length. It currently retails for $99.

Inada Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair

inada massage chair personal care gadget

The majority of online reviewers and folks who have actually tested this massage chair say it’s probably among the top five best in the world. Inada is known to produce top-notch massage chair that perform their job flawlessly. But this one is definitely not accessible for the average Joe is it sells now for a whopping $8,068 on Amazon. Inada’s Sogno Dream Wave massage chair comes with the broadest massage coverage available (over 1,200 square inches) than any other massage chair recliner in the world and it also employs shiatsu therapy. It can also mimic a real massage therapist and comes with the most capable and complete stretch functions.

ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne

Verilux is a company that makes amazing personal care gadgets and stays true to its name and reputation. As you’ll see throughout the article, we’ll feature more personal care gadgets from them because they simply deserve. The first in our list, the ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne is an ingenious system that use only blue light to treat those suffering from acne. It won’t harm your skin at all and it will keep your linens and clothing intact, as well, as the product is chemical and drug free. It can be yours for $104 which is its current price on Amazon.

Klhip Nail Clipper

klhip nail clipper personal care gadget

A nail clipper is one of the most basic personal care products but Klhip decided that it can come up with products that you’ll perceive as a gadget rather than a simple tool. The Ultimate Clipper comes with a breakthrough design, that “is a balance of increased leverage, improved control, world-class manufacturing and surgical grade stainless steel”, as Klhip puts it.  And it is actually regarded by many as being the world’s best nail clipper. But quality comes at a price and this is definitely not a cheap, ordinary nail clipper. The Ultimate Clipper that comes with a tin case will set you back for $59 while the Ultimate Clipper with a stylish leather case costs $89.

Electronic Neck Massager

electronic neck massager personal care gadget

I know how my neck feels after working for several hours in a row in front of the computer. So, as my birthday is nearing, I think I’m going to gift myself an Electronic Neck Massager from H- Massager as it is now only $77, down from $128. Thanks to its flexible wings, it can fit any neck size, small or big. To relax the muscles and make you feel better, it uses far infrared heating, low frequency acupuncture, vibration massage and it can even perform magnetic therapy. It comes with a wireless controller that lets you adjust heat and vibration intensity and also to check your pulse.

SteriShoe Sanitizer

The company making the SteriShoe Sanitizer claims that it is the only clinically proven way to sanitize shoes as it is recommended by over 1,000 podiatric doctors. The sanitizer uses the UVC light and kills up to 99.9% of the germs inside your shoes, that cause odor, toenail fungus and even warts that can even make your walking painful. It’s very easy to use as all you have to do is insert it into a shoe and after 45 minutes, the UVC light will turns itself off. If you want to get rid of microorganisms in your shoes you’ll have to invest $130 to get this personal care gadget.

Dyson AirBlade Tap

I love hand dryers and every time I go to the mall, I stick a few more minutes warming up my hands because the feeling is so relaxing. But I never understood why don’t people install such device in their own homes as it would definitely add style to your daily personal care tasks. Meet Dyson’s AirBlade Tap, an ergonomic mix between a tap and a hand dryer. In about 14 seconds, your hands will be completely dried out thanks to the AirBlade technology and Dyson’s digital motor V4, world’s smallest, fully-integrated 1400W motor. But this little personal care gadget isn’t cheap by no means, as you’ll have to lay down a heavy $1,500 to get your hands on it.

USB ShaveTech Razor

ShaveTech’s USB Razor is a personal care gadget that you could very well add to your collection of travel gizmos as its purpose is obviously portability. For $30, you will get yourself a small razor that you can carry with you anywhere you go and charge it through its USB port. It has a sleek design and comes in two colors: lustrous black and fresh white. This is the perfect grooming accessory for the frequent traveler. However, considering its size and price, don’t expect this tiny personal care gadget to match the performance of the shaving machines you’re used to. Consider it is an emergency solution.

Verilux Rise & Shine

verilux rise and shine personal care gadget

This is another interesting personal care gadget from the same Verilux company which is also based on the idea that light can protect your health. This time, it’s about making sure you go to sleep and you wake up as naturally as possible, even if you might be living in an urban jungle. Rise & Shine‘s employs a natural wake-up light that helps the body align the circadian rhythms in order to regulate normal sleeping and waking patterns. This personal care gadget can simulate natural sunset and sunrise light so you could “fall asleep naturally, sleep soundly and wake refreshed and revitalized”. Have a better sleep after you pay $100 to get the device.

Purely Pocket Purifier

The Pocket Purifier from Purely, just like many other personal care gadgets featured here, uses ultraviolet light to kill germs. Just as the name suggests, it is mainly used to keep your pockets clean and free of any kind of germs or infections, as we know how many things we stuff in there. But you can also use it on toys, food and other small objects. It takes the UV light only around 15 seconds to kill 99.99% of E-coli, staphylococcus, salmonella, flu germs and other pathogens. I might consider getting this for my own purposes, as well, as it’s currently only $20 on Amazon.

Beam Bluetooth Toothbrush

Nope, we didn’t forget about toothbrush, an essential tool in your daily personal care routine. But if you were expecting a smart electric toothbrush, then you will have to search in the lists at the end of the articles, as this one here is a manual brush, but with an interesting feature that many tech savvy folks will appreciate. The Beam Bluetooth Toothbrush connects to your smartphone (iPhone or Android) and lets you monitor your oral hygiene by syncing data regarding your brushing behavior. For $25, it comes in blue or pink, with head sizes for kids or adults.

MediMassager Foot Massager

messimassager personal care gadget

There are many foot massagers out there, but the MMF06 Variable Speed Foot Massager is one with the best ratings on the market. This might be thanks to the fact that it is said to be the most powerful electric massager with speeds ranging from 1,000 to 3,700 rotations per minute. It comes with a pressure point targeting surface that has been used even by therapists to stimulate feet and leg blood circulation. Can be yours for $250, down from the initial price of $290.

SimpleHuman Soap Sensor Pump

Soap is one of the most important inventions in human history as it helped get rid of so many diseases that might seem silly right now. Albeit I prefer more hard soap than liquid soap, SimpleHuman’s Soap Sensor Pump might make me change my mind. This is a touch-free sensor pump which means you don’t have to press it to soap your hands. A fun fact to know is that it dispense soap in just 0.2 seconds. One thing that always bothered me about soap pumps was the clogs and the drips, but this personal care gadget use a silicone valve to prevent that. Plastic is not allowed here, as this device is made out of brushed nickel. You can choose the simple pump for $45 or the one with a small caddy for $50.

CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wandclean wave portable sanitizing wandIt’s a Verilux product again and it’s also about killing germs with light. We’ve featured this one in our previous list with some of the best gadgets to keep your house clean. The CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wand doesn’t employ any chemical or irritants whatsoever. Albeit it is perfect for cleaning smaller items like phones, remote controls, keyboards, you can take it with you and clean a seat in the train or the bed in your hotel room. It’s now $40, down from the initial price of $60.

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