Passionate about gardening and plants, no matter where you are? Then you need to stop for a moment and have a look at all these awesome gardening gadgets and tools that we’ve gathered here. No matter if you live in a small flat or maybe you have a huge garden, these are all devices that will help you take better care of your plants and transform your garden into a true smart greenhouse of the twenty-first century.

Tending after your garden might be a real burden when you don’t have the necessary tools. If you want to approach gardening with all seriousness, then you need to watch over heating, humidity, moisture in the soil and not to mention the creatures that could ruin your harvest. Some of you might rely on their gardens for healthy home-grown vegetables and fruits, so it’s more than just a passion, it’s about providing a healthy food for your family. So, to keep you passionate about gardening, have a look at these impressive gardening gadgets and tools that you can buy.

Click and Grow

This is a project that, like many others featured here, was born thanks to Kickstarter, probably the world’s biggest crowdfounding platforms. Using Smart Herb Garden devices you can grow plants without watering and fertilizing at all. Inspired by NASA, Click and Grow has invented a nano-technological growth medium which ensures an optimal amount of water, oxygen and nutrients. There is also a water reservoir which has an indicator that will remind you when to replenish it. It basically works like a printer and toner cartridges, but here you have a smart garden device and replaceable plant refills. A Smart Herb Garden or Flowerpot unit costs $80 and a refill is $20.


Bitponics hopes that it can be your personal gardening assistant and it comes with a nice set of features to prove that. It consists of a Bitponics Base Station which has sensors (pH, water temperature, air temperature, light, humidity) that monitor your garden’s environment. The Bitponics Base Station then sends real-time sensor readings to the Bitponics Cloud through a Wi-Fi network.

The information is stored in the Bitponics Cloud that you can access from anywhere you are with any browser you want. The Bitponics Base Station costs $499 and the Bitponics Cloud has 3 plans: free, $9/mo/garden and $49/mo/garden.

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

koubachi wi fi plant sensorKoubachi is a smart Plant care assistant that looks after your plant, indoor or outdoor, thanks to its built-in sensors. With a golf club-like design, Koubachi’s Wi-Fi Plant Sensor can analyze the soil moisture, tem­perature, and light intensity and advise you whether you need to water more the plant or take it to a more sunny or dark place. There is a Koubachi iPhone App and a Koubachi Web APP that you can use. Besides English, the application is also available in German language. You can buy the indoor version for $100 from Amazon and the outdoor one for $130.


If you have a bigger garden outside or maybe even a small farm, then you need to always water it. Solar Sync is a smart irrigation control system that is made simple with the app that you can use. Solar Sync measures evapotranspiration, sunlight and temperature which helps it adjust the amount of water that your garden needs. Also, the system is smart enough to know when rain starts, so it will stop irrigating when it does. It stops watering when it detects freezing conditions, as well. Head to Hunter’s website to see some more awesome weather gadgets that you could use for a smart gardening.


plant link smart gardening gadgetJust like PlantLink’s CEO says, over and under-watering are one of the biggest reasons why plants die. That’s why he and his team have decided to create PlantLink, a gardening gadget that monitors your plants’ moisture levels and notifies (email, text message or push notification) you when they need water. If you put the PlantLink outside, it doesn’t need your help as it can water your plants on its own after you connect it to the sprinkler. The device also watches closely the weather and temperature patterns, so it might hold on the watering if it senses a rain is coming. The PlantLink Basestation costs $69 and one Link is $25.

EasyBloom Plant Sensor

This is another gardening gadget that works as a plant sensor but has a slightly different approach than what we’ve seen so for. The EasyBloom easy bloom plant sensor smart garden gadgetPlant Sensor will tell you what vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs or houseplants can grow in your area. You just have to put it in the soil, indoor or outdoor and it will measure sunlight, temperature, water drainage and fertilizer. Afer that, you just plug the EasyBloom Plant Sensor Plus into your PC or Mac through its USB port and it will tell you what are the best plants for your place with the Plant Doctor software. The same app will look after your already planted hibiscus, tomato or any other plant that you have and will give you step-by-step plant care, pruning, fertilization and gardening tips. The EasyBloom Plant Sensor is sold by Black & Decker’s on Amazon for $49.


Just like the name hints, a Windowfarm gardening gadget is a an indoor device that has a vertical shape which helps it to be better placed on the window. Thanks to its hydroponic system, your plants will grow almost independently for the entire year,  absorbing natural window light and requiring minimal maintenance from your side. Here’s how the system works:

In the hydroponic system, nutrient-spiked water is pumped up from a reservoir at the base of the system and trickles down from bottle to bottle, bathing the plants’ roots along the way. Water and nutrients that are not absorbed collect in the reservoir and will be pumped through again at the next interval. Plants grown in soil have roots that extend far and wide, but hydroponically grown plants roots are hairy and dense. Because the roots are so compact, a hydroponic system is a much more efficient use of space — perfect for an urban farmer.

You will have to change the water once a week and clean the system monthly. Windowfarm is an indoor gardening gadget that doesn’t require a lot of electricity to run, costing you a few additional dollars per year. For a one-column starter bundle Windowfarm you will have to pay $199 and a four-column will set you back for $399.


VegiBee is a smart garden pollinator for tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, eggplant and strawberries. VegiBee Garden Pollinators are gardening gadgets that let you take pollination in your own hands as you can use these sonic handheld electric pollinators to increase the yield by +30% annually. There are two VegiBee pollinators: a 5 speed rechargeable one for $49.99 and an express battery one for $29.99. VegiBee Garden pollinators work by imitating the high frequency vibrations that bee’s wings do during pollination that gently release pollen from the flower onto a collection spoon. A really smart and useful gardening gadget!

Indoor Garden

indoor herbie smart garden gadgetIndoor Garden has two smart gardening devices that you can use to grow your plants: Herbie and Genie. With appealing designs, Herbie is a hydroponics device made for indoor use. They make use of Indoor Garden’s Active Growing Technology that provides nutritious, oxygenous water to the roots of the plants.Here’s how it is described:

Stagnant water becomes anaerobic very quickly and therefore the water circulation is very important. In addition, the growing light with the optimal lights pectrum , is an important factor in the growth. Hydroponics has been used by professional farmers for over 40 years. Most of the 200 million herbs and lettuces pots produce yearly in the Nordics are cultivated with the same principle.

The Herbie Indoor Garden hydroponic device comes in green, red, black and white colors and can be yours for 110 euros while Genie is cheaper at 90 euros and comes in more colors, as well.

LusterLeaf rapitest soil test kit

LusterLeaf is not a single product but rather a company that has a good offer of smart devices to use in your gardening. Having one of the best prices in the market and being consistently appreciated by users, you can find the following smart gardening gadgets and devices from LusterLeaf – soil test kits, indoor and outdoor meters, rain gauges, seeders, plant label, mini-testers, outdoor clocks/thermometers and much more!

WaterPoint 1000

The WaterPoint 1000 is one of the best irrigation controllers that can be controlled via Wi-Fi  from a computer, smartphone or tablet. No matter where you are – at home, in the yard or at the office or landscape site, you can control it to water your garden through the myOnPoint Cloud Service.
water point 1000The software side is quite advanced and it will also let you test all valves with the touch of a button and will alert you when valve issues have been detected. Just like SolarSync, it supports rain and freeze sensors so it will know when to stop watering. Being able to control your irrigation remotely is a great plus as you could leave on your vacation and not having to worry or ask your neighbor to water your lawn or garden.

Other awesome gadgets and tools for smart gardening

If you have a true passion for your garden, then you’re probably looking for more tools. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve decided to list some more awesome tools that you could use for your indoors or outdoors, traditional gardening, such as a smart gardening guide, a great motion activated sprinkler that deters critters, an open source garden monitoring system and some more!

  • SmartGardener – this is a personalized vegetable garden planner that will collect, calculate and create a smart personal profile of your garden will also giving you access to a community of fellow gardeners. You will be able to keep records of your plants, when they need to be watered and what is their growth evolution.
  • GardenBot – this one here is for true tech savvy persons. GardenBot is an open source garden automation project that contains a collection of tutorials for how to build things and even the software needed for running a smart greenhouse. If you have the know-how and the patience, then this is the best resource for automatizing your garden.
  • Apollo Horticulture Grow Light Reflector – you need light to grow your plants and that is the goal of this hydroponics, grow light reflector device. It comes with one air cool tube reflector, a ceramic socket and a power cord of 15 Feet.
  • SproutRobot – SproutRobot is another service that tells you when to plant and it can even send you the seeds on time. You tell SproutRobot where you are be entering your ZIP code and it will make a personalized planting calendar. When it’s time to plant, you will receive the seeds by mail and prior to that an email will be sent to let you know.
  • Orbit Motion Activated Sprinkler – Critters are destroying your flowers and vegetation and deer, birds, cats, dogs and other animals make a mess out of your carefully tended garden. Orbit’s Yard Enforcer activated sprinkler uses sound, water, motion and ingenuity to deter the intruders and keep your garden in order.
  • Botanicalls – the Botanicalls Kits let you always be connected with your leafy pal via online Twitter status updates that you get on your mobile phone. If the plant needs water, you will receive a tweet that reminds you about that.
  • Erbizia – the Erbizia gardening device is a wooden box with organic potting soil and natural granulate clay where you can naturally grow Chives, Thyme, Oregano and Parsley. From your computer and smartphone you have access to gardening tips.
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