Infinit is a file transfer service that has currently a native client running on MacOS X (10.7+) and lets you send unlimited files. Supposedly by the end of 2013, Windows and Linux clients will be made available, but you can go ahead and sign up for now, as any beta-testers will be given a premium account. Sometimes it pays to be the first.

So, currently is limited only to Mac users, and it works like Airdrop for OS X only that it is not based on the local Wi-Fi. To send somebody a file that could have a size as big as you need, that person will also need to have an account at You will then use the search function to send to that person files of virtually any size. Infinit is peer to peer, encrypted, easy and also has great looks.

infinit send unlimited sized files macWhat makes Infinit stand apart from other similar services is the incredible transfer speeds that they promise. Actually, the developers say that Infinit is up to 23 times faster than competing solutions, which is pretty impressive. If your Internet connection is lost while transferring some files, you don’t have to worry because transfers are paused and restarted when it’s back again.

Great transfer speeds are what Infit boasts with

Also, closing and opening your computer doesn’t cancel the transfer, which is another feature specific for this service. You can have a look at the charts from below to see how Infinit allegedly fares against its competition in terms of transfer speeds.

infinit send unlimited files mac infinit vs competition

There’s also the option of streaming as you can play any media file as soon as the transfer has been accepted. You can also track transfers, view history and receive receipts for each transfer. Julien Quintard, the man behind Infinit, said the following

File transfer applications today are still limited by size constraints or are simply too slow. Infinit on the other hand has no file size constraints, works every time and is much, much faster than anything out there. We’ve spent well over a year testing different versions of Infinit, listening to the feedback of our beta users and perfecting our approach to file transfer. We can’t wait for people to get their hands on it.

Baptiste Fradin, then cofounder, also said the following:

As a team, we’re able to identify with these types of professions because we feel their pain and frustration when it comes to file transfer tools. We’re already working with hundreds of people in music, film and advertising. These types of people bring content to life. Infinit makes getting there a lot easier.

Infinit is a French startup, located in Paris and consists of a group of eight designers and developers and has raised a total of $500,000 in funding so far. So, go ahead and sign-up to get a premium account, because when it will exit beta, I’m sure that a premium account won’t be free.

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