How to Track Product Warranties Using Mobile Apps

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Tracking product warranties is now possible straight from your mobile device, be it from Android, iOS or Windows Phone. Warranty tracking apps can be used by consumers, but also by businesses that want to keep track of all the warranties that they have issued to their clients. It comes as no surprise for me that there are so many Android warranty tracker apps, and if you have an Android device, then you will have plenty of apps to choose from.

Thankfully, most of these warranty tracking apps also have an iOS version as well. If you have been using a mobile app to track warranties, then let us know what are you using and we might add it to the list.

Android warranty tracker apps

1. BillsBox

BillsBox is a fairly straightforward and easy-to-use warranty tracker app that allows you to save receipts and warranty bills and provides reminders when the warranty for a product is about to expire. It makes it convenient to carry receipts and bills along all the time, without having to worry about losing them. Besides receipts and bills, the app also has the option to save visiting cards as well.

The service allows you to save your rewards and redeem them from time-to-time and gives a detailed view of your monthly expenses based on different categories and stores. Among other things, you get the option to organize product warranties into active, expiring, and expired bills category and get alerts for servicing schedules for maintenance of different products you listed on the app. For products with expired warranties, the app has a separate section, called Expired Warranty, where you can find all your bills and receipts for products with expired warranties.

2. Expired

Expired is another warranty tracking app, but with slightly more advanced tracking ability. Unlike most warranty trackers, this app takes tracking a step further with the option to track warranties for products with extended warranty and products with different warranty periods for different parts. So, for instance, if you have a product that you recently extended warranty for, or have a product that has a different warranty for different parts (like an Air Conditioner), the app gives you the ability to keep track of such complex warranties without any hassle.

Besides warranty tracking, there is the option to save receipts and warranty cards, with the added support for the cloud to backup all your product warranty data, ability to organize and search all your warranty details based on categories, and notification alerts for when the warranty for a product is about to expire. In addition, the app also offers biometric protection using TouchID and FaceID, for users to keep their receipts, bills, etc protected.

3. Warranty Keeper

Warranty Keeper, as it sounds, offers the ability to store records for all your product warranties in one place. To simplify things, it has the option to sign in using different services such as Google, Facebook, or your email address. And much like the Expired app, there is the option to backup all your product warranty information on the cloud. Another neat feature on the app is the support for dark mode, which turns on the dark theme — something a lot of app developers seem to be incorporating on their apps lately.

Warranty Keeper

Talking about other features and convenience, the app provides different options to upload product receipts (Gallery, Camera, PDF), edit information, view and download receipt, and get notifications when a warranty is about to expire. Besides this, to offer a more organized way to keep track of product warranties, the app also has the option to browse categories and add new products into different categories.

4. Keep Warranty

Keep Warranty is another warranty tracker app with an objective to offer a simple approach towards storing and tracking warranty for different products. It offers the freedom to carry and access invoices for various products anywhere, with notifications that further aid by offering alerts when a product is about to go out of warranty.

Keep Warranty

Similar to other apps in this listicle, there is the option to add and organize products into different categories, such as last added, active, recently added, expiring soon, and expired, to make it convenient for you to track different products without having to go through much hassle.

5. MrReceipt

MrReceipt offers a clean and simple interface to add and track warranties for all your different products. It allows you to store and organize receipts under different categories for easier access when needed. Besides, the app also provides statics for your expenses to allow you to better manage your expenses and abide by your household budget.


6. Chambu

Chambu is the last app on the list, but it certainly isn’t the least when it comes to offering a feature set fit for tracking warranties for various products. The app is fairly easy to use and just takes a few steps to store your receipts and enter all the related information. Not to mention, the convenience to organize the different products under categories for easier access.


iPhone/iPad warranty tracker apps

Much of the apps mentioned under the Android warranty tracking apps list work on iOS as well. And most of them follow the freemium model. Here is the list (and links):

1. BillsBox
2. Expired
3. Warranty keeper
4. Keep Warranty
5. MrReceipt
6. Chambu

Windows Phone warranty tracker apps

Warranty Tracker (Free)warranty tracker windows phone

The single reliable warranty tracker app we have managed to find for Windows Phone user is simply called Warranty Tracker. It lets you know whether the gadget that you have acquired is still under the company’s warranty. The app collects the gadgets’ warranty and keeps track of it so you can easily access them from your Windows Phone device.

Note: The article was first written by Radu Tyrsina and was updated by Yash Wate in January 2020.

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