Wanderio is a bold new Italian start-up that wants to make travel much easier. We all know how tiresome planning a travel can be and according to Wanderio, the average number of websites one visits before completing his travel research is bigger than twenty. The idea behind the start-up is very simple and useful in the same time – you just enter any two addresses worldwide, and it will show you the cheapest and the shortest combination of planes, trains, and automobiles to get you door-to-door.

book travel wanderioCurrently, Wanderio is aimed at European users, but as it will exit BETA, more locations across the world will be added, without a doubt. Those residing in Europe know that flights can be cheap here, but ground transport is expensive. The user interface of the start-up is  familiar to services like Hipmunk or Kayak, but it lets you enter the exact addresses, which is really cool.

Wanderio plans your entire travel for cheap

Wanderio uses easy-to-understand visual timelines to explain the journey you’re about to take. As you can see in the above screenshot, each part of the trip displays a different color and shows the travel time and price. When first entering the leave and destination point, you can filter results by price, duration, or even CO2 emissions, which is an interesting feature.

wanderio travel plannerAs expected, the startup makes money from referral fees – 1% for flight tickets, 5% to 7% for trains and 10% to 15% for ground transportation. Wanderio’s cash cow is lying in the fact that people still need to book taxis, shuttles or even ferries from the airport or train station and these are the services wthat don’t have much exposure on the Internet”, according to Wanderio’s CTO, Luca Rossi. He also said the following:

Travel is one of the best experiences in people’s lives. It connects people, makes you interact with other cultures. We’re helping people have a more pleasant experience as a whole. Technology can do all the work on their behalf. You should enjoy your travel and that’s it.

The Wanderio team includes CEO Matteo Colò, who runs business development together with Costanza Pedroni, who is in charge of marketing and communication activities. The application is developed by the other two founders, Luca Rossi and Disheng Qiu, both PhD students in Computer Science, together with Giorgio Pagliaro, MSc in Computer Science. At the moment there aren’t specialized mobile apps, but Wanderio will definitely make them available once they release their final version of the product.


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