Make no mistake about this. 2014 will all be about two things – wearable tech and Internet of Things (IoT). At Technology Personalized, we have been bullish about these two trends in tech for a while now, but the real push will come this year. The CES 2014 gets underway in Las Vegas this week, and we’re already seeing big companies making headway in the IoT.

The South Korean tech giant has just revealed the Smart Home service which attempts to connect the Smart TVs, home appliances and other smart devices into one single platform. Over the years, companies have been trying to make every other appliance, Smart. With this new initiative, Samsung will be bringing the control of all smart home devices under a single app. The best part is that Samsung is keen to extend the platform beyond its own products and services.


As the picture above suggests, the single app will connect to your Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, wearable devices and smart home appliances through a cloud-based Smart Home server. The platform is divided into three service features, the first being Device Control which lets you adjust lighting and temperature management through your smartphone.

Voice command function is supported as well. The second service, Home View, will let you monitor your home by tapping into the wireless cameras and streaming it live to your smartphone/tablet. Finally, the Smart Customer Service alerts you whenever appliances need to be cleaned or serviced.

Just a couple of days back, there were leaks about the other Korean giant, LG, having plans to let users interact with their smart home appliances via chat messaging services. We await the details of both these services in coming days.

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