We’re back with our weekly dose of PC apps and basically everything that is important for your system and user experience. This week we’ve a minimalistic yet very powerful RSS feed reader; an app that organizes your movie, TV shows and music library; another app to control what things of your system you don’t want to share with others, and an app that will make sure you don’t have any unused program hogging space and memory.

We’ll also look at some browser extensions that will make your emailing experience better, an extension that will kill all the surveys the web wants you to fill, and more information on what apps you use that received updates this week. So let’s get started.


QuiteRSS (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 12 MB)


This isn’t a new app, per se. But given the surge in demand for RSS feed-reading apps, and its cramped availability on Windows desktop computers, it is pretty important to share such apps from time to time.
QuiteRSS is a simple, light-weight feed fetching application which boasts, as one would expect, a minimalistic user interface. But if that is exactly what you want, and can live with a rather pale interface, this is one heck of a deal. QuiteRSS comes in both portable and installer versions.

Permissions Time Machine (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 1MB)

permission time machine

Many software, including and especially malware(s) that get installed on your system tweak the default settings. This comes in your way when you are working on another app, and it asks for admin privileges and other sort of permissions and sign you up for a distracting ride. Permission Time Machine is an app that could let you control such flows.

If you are an administrator, you can make use of this app in another bossy way. You can outline the things – files, processes, resources and other objects that you want to keep intact from normal users’ access.

FileBot (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 31 MB)


Albeit its developer couldn’t find a better name for this application, they did manage to produce an amazing software. FileBot helps you in naming or even better, renaming the movies, music and TV shows that you have on your computer.

Now comes the best part, using FileBot you can fetch and embed information like movie details, its poster and subtitles.

Note: At the time of installation, it will initiate another 30-megabyte of data from its server. It is completely fine.

IObit Uninstaller 3.1 (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 11MB)

iobit uninstaller

We all know how poorly-sophisticated the built-in program removing tool in Windows is. Even when you have uninstalled a program, you will still be able to find its leftovers in the system programs file directory, Windows registry and many other clandestine places. That’s where third-party removal tools come in handy.

We have covered a few of them in our past issues, but the latest version of IObit Uninstaller takes this process to a whole new level.

For the first time ever, Uninstaller will automatically make your computer part ways with unused programs.
In addition, options like Batch Uninstall and leftover scanning make this software an absolute must-have. You can also use this to remove browser-based toolbars and extensions.

Pafwert (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 3MB)


We all have been through that phase. You are trying to change your password, but can’t think of something secure or different. We know that there are password managers, but again, you still have to set one master password. Not to forget that it is always advisable to keep changing your accounts’ passwords. Pafwert is a password generator, which unlike most apps in its category don’t suggest weird inhumane strings of words, like: “bdg52489bvvbsbfo51”.

Instead, it comes up with things which are quite easy to remember, like this: “E:\dischuffed.bak” and “I am starving wuy forward”.

Tweetium (Type: Commercial – $2.99, OS: Windows 8+, Size: 0.2 MB)

While we all love MetroTwit and find it as the best Twitter client for desktop PC, it isn’t so good when it comes to touch interface. For such usage, we recommend Tweetium. The app has gained quite a popularity and received positive feedbacks from several Twitter users over the past. Its aggressive update cycle makes the app even more enticing. From the beginning to the end, the app enhances your Twitter experience. Auto-filling of usernames, rich media support, flexible responsive designs and smart streaming-based feed add more value to its functionality.

Browser extensions

Clip Better (Chrome)

When you share links to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles, the site automatically generates a preview about the content from that link alongside an image. This helps your friends and followers know what is at the other end of that link. Email service providers however don’t facilitate any such feature. Clip Better is the answer to that question. It works with all major email services that support HTML5.

Do Not Survey (Firefox)

Hate filling up surveys on websites before you can get to the destination or find the download link? Do Not Survey for Firefox will make sure to kill any survey that those services want your impeccable contribution on.

cottonTracks (Chrome)


This extension for Chrome helps you organize your bookmarks and browsing history in a card styled interface. Once you have it installed in the system, click on its extension icon, and press ‘C’. You can organize your bookmarks and history genre wise as well.

Unfriend Notify for Facebook (Chrome)

This is rather a childish utility, but if for some reasons you want to know which of your friend has unfriended you on the social juggernaut, this will make it happen. Once you have it installed on your Chrome browser, it will make another category on your Facebook’s profile named “Lost friend” that will keep track of all your ex friends.

Software update

uTorrent 3.4 RC4

Certainly the most popular BitTorrent client uTorrent received a major update this past week. The new update brings a wide range of fixes to the app. Some of which include fixing the bug that was initiating uDP connections with itself and smooth streaming of mp4 files while using WebUI.


A few weeks ago we talked about the best dictionary app for Windows desktop PC. This app has finally added some new words and improved its spelling suggestions.

DriverBooster 1.2

DriverBooster, an app that lets you update the driver modules installed in your system got an update this week. The new update expands the database and makes it more accurate with new hardware.

Stuff you should know

This past week, popular social network LinkedIn revealed that its security was compromised. This hack had been going around since May 2013, and the vicious minds in this case made programmed bot(s) that made connections with real people. This obviously raises a very critical security concern. Hence it is advised that you do not accept any random invitation on the site. It is also high time you review your existing connections.

Tip of the week: Remove a specific cookie from website

François Beaufort of Google revealed a new feature which will let you remove a specific cookie of a website. Once you visit that particular website, click on the favicon, and select ‘Show cookies and site data’. Under this you will find a list populating all the cookies from every site you visit. Select the target website, open it up, and click on the newly added ‘Remove’ button. This updated developer version is now available on Chrome Canary channel.

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