Our cars can become much smarter and safer if we know the right devices to use. Or, if you want to save gas, there are some really useful Android and iOS applications that can come in handy. Now, you can add to your collection of smart driving devices – Truvolo, a platform consisting from a tracking device and an application that can track speed, location, mileage and even the car maintenance.

truvolo smart driving

Truvolo turns your car into a well-connected car. We enhance the car ownership experience by making you smarter about your car, providing trusted data that can increase safety, while reducing annual maintenance costs. Our mobile platform provides smart alerts and reports via an app to track auto and driver performance, bringing you peace of mind whether you’re behind the wheel or not. We believe if you own a car, you ought to be able to use your car’s diagnostic data for practical purposes. Managing all your cars seamlessly, tracking trends in performance, timely and predictive warnings, driving and safety alerts… to name a few.

Truvolo is a little device that connects to your car’s onboard computer (OBD port) and sends alerts when the car surpasses a certain speed, when a certain destination has been reached and even updates on the car performance along with any potential problems. Not many might know this, but most cars come with a built-in OBD port which is used by the company mechanics to retrieve lot of raw data. Truvolo is touted as a perfect tool for parents to watch over the driving of their loved ones, especially kids. They have even conducted an independent survey focusing on what worries car owners/parents face when it comes to their teens driving:

  • 77% + of parents worry about their kids speeding
  • 73% + of parents worry about their kids texting while driving
  • 83% + of parents would consider buying a product that can help improve the safety of their loved ones while driving

There isn’t currently an option to block texting behind the wheel, but Truvolo plans to add it in the near future. By tracking the performance of your car, it can also help reduce annual maintenance costs. If this seems like an interesting concept to you, you can pledge for the Truvolo device for just $89 on Indiegogo, with an estimated delivery in April, this year.

There are some devices which can help you retrieve the data from your car’s OBD port, but this looks very promising, thanks to the simple app and well-connected features. Alternatively, you can also checkout Freematics which is currently being funded on Kickstarter.

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