Mounting a smartphone to a tripod can be difficult and risky – the phone might slide and fall, it may not fit properly, etc. Taking a picture without mounting it is also complicated, as your fingers can easily cover the lenses and you always need both your hands. With this issue in mind, a variety of companies all over the world tried to change this into an easy thing to do. Some of them only come with a cradle that folds open to fit your phone and some others also come with a handle to stabilize the phone. While the last one is an useful item, the cradle by itself can also be mounted on any tripod or other mount.

Whether you’d like to use your phone’s camera to take pictures or make a video, a smartphone mount might be the right solution. Choosing the perfect one could be difficult, given how many of them are available on the market nowadays. We collected ten of the most impressive ones that we’re going to discuss in this article.

10 Most Impressive Tripod Mounts for Smartphones


The PocketShot from Woxom

As they tell us on Kickstarter, the PocketShot holds any type of smartphone at any time, absolutely anywhere, while it helps you mount your phone to a tripod or in-car mount. The device is announced to be available for customers starting in April 2014. While waiting for it to be available, take a look at how it works.

The device is made of two parts: the cradle and the handle. The cradle fits in your pocket and can be easily unfold to fit any smartphone, while the handle is very easy to use – you only have to aim your phone using the ball-mount on the top. Alternatively, you can use other supports, such as: a tripod, a monopod, a GorrilaPod, a PicoDolly, etc.


The handle used by itself also allows you to take pictures one-handed – simply place the phone into the device and start taking photos. Once you’re done, you can fold everything and place it in your pocket – it’s small, but powerful!

The iStabilizer Mount


iStabilizer is one of the most famous brands already manufacturing and selling a variety of smartphone accessories all over the world. They don’t just suit your smartphone, but also your iPad or iPod. Depending on what you’re going to use it for, you can choose the right product here.

To attach any smartphone to a tripod, you’d better go for the iStabilizer Mount – it has an ultra-secure grip, fits all smartphones and does not touch the screen of your phone. In order to turn your phone into a camera, simply place it in and secure it using the grip, to avoid slipping. When you’re done using it, the 0.6 oz (0.03 lbs) device can be easily carried in your bag.

iTrek Super Mount

itrek super mount

iTrek Super Mount is one of the most versatile tripod mounts for smartphones, fitting any phone with a thickness of 15mm. Adapting to any tripod, thanks to its1/4”20 thread screw, the device can be used as a phone or mp3 stand.

To take advantage of all you can do with this mount, all you have to do is place your phone in – depending on whether you’d like your hold in landscape or portrait, you can opt of the direction – and use the two screws to stabilize it. Being made of aluminum, the iTrek Super Mount has a strong holding system, to make sure your phone doesn’t fall.

SlingShot Stabilizer

slingshot smartphone mount

Coming from the same inventor as PocketShot, the SlingShot Stabilizer was made available for the public in 2012 by Woxom. When using this device, you don’t need to worry about the thickness, as it fits all smartphones, even with their case on.

To use the SlingShot, you simply let it slip into the cradle, without having to fix it using an additional screw or grip – this way you can use it with only one hand or mount it on the tripod. You can see how easy it is to hold it with one hand, while you’re using the other one to take the picture or review your video – it’s all in here. To turn the device into a mini-tripod, you can additionally pop its leg out and place it on a table.

GripTight from Joby


Joby got us used to GorillaPod tripods that can be used for our cameras, but why not use the same tripods for a smartphone? That’s why they came up with the GripTight mount that allows you to easily mount any smartphone onto a tripod to take pictures and record videos.

This one doesn’t come with two different pieces, but it’s a single piece that does it all – the cradle is already connected to the handle that comes in various shapes and colors. All you have to do is place your phone in and adjust if necessary. You can discover more about the way to use GripTight on the Joby website.

CaseStar Tripod Mount

case star mount

The CaseStar Tripod Mount may not be as easy to fold and carry in your bag or pocket, but it suits iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPod Touch. While size matters, the holder can easily be expanded to adapt to larger devices, accepting a maximum of 7cm width.

When placing your smartphone in, you can adjust the size using the screw to make you’re your phone is secured. CaseStar cannot be used one-handed, but the device’s standard screw also allows a variety of tripods to be mounted. You can see a review of the mount on Youtube, watching the video below.

The Square Jellyfish Mount

square jellyfish smartphone mount

This tripod mount looks very classy and can adapt any smartphone: iPhone, HTC, Android, Galaxy and even Galaxy Note II. You can easily form a Desk Stand using the handle that comes with it, or attach it to a tripod to gain more independence.

Whether you’re placing your phone vertically or horizontally, the arms of the device can easily accommodate any position. For the same reason, you don’t only have one type of mount available on the website – starting with the three arm version, the classical Spring and Tablet tripod mounts are also available.

System-S Tripod Mount

system-s tripod mount

The System-S Tripod Mount has a similar structure to the CaseStar, only consisting of a cradle that allows you to fit any smartphone. While the device doesn’t come with a handle, you can easily attach it to a tripod, using its adjustable screw thread.

With a high-quality manufacture, System-S can adjust its dimensions to fit iPhones, BlackBerries, HTC and many others. Simply place your phone in and use the screw to secure it.

RetiCAM Tripod Mount


Thanks to its all-metal design, the RetiCAM tripod mount is not just useful, but it also looks good. While not touching the phone’s screen to scratch or damage it, the device locks your smartphone in place for maximum security and protects its case with its rubber pads.

If you’re considering a RetiCAM, make sure you own an iPhone 3/4/4S/5/5C/5S, HTC One, Motorola Droid, Google Nexus, LG or Samsung Galaxy Note. While the device can’t be used individually, it can mount on any tripod or mini-tripod to act as a webcam, take pictures and make videos.

XcSource Tripod Mount

xcsource tripod mount

The tripod mount from XcSource is definitely a great present for those passionate about photography and suits most smartphones: iPhones: iPhone 3S/4S/5C/5S, Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S5, etc. As long as it fits between 53mm-75mm width and up to 13mm thickness, you won’t need to worry.

It’s not complicated to use the mount from XcSource, as you simply have to place it in and without using screws or aggressive grips, the device will adapt to the dimensions of your smartphone.

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