Whether you’re in college, doing a master or simply taking an additional class while working, so you can be a better prepared employee, preparing for exams can always be a bit difficult. They say you first have to learn how to study before you can ever expect to memorize and use any of your courses. Thanks to the advancements in technology, student life nowadays is much easier, since there are many applications promising to help you to prepare for exams and cope with the everyday tasks. This way, rather than focusing on the best method to learn faster and better, you can just focus on your studies.

This article brings you a selection of some of the best applications that help you prepare for exams. Even the best students need a little help every now and then, just to improve their study method. This is where apps like iStudiez Pro, Evernote, Dictionary.com Mobile, Study Buddy from Blackberry and so on, come in handy.

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iStudiez Pro

The iStudiez Pro is a very easy-to-use application that makes studying easier, by helping you create reminders and notifications for future exams, while you’re also improving your study method. It works for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and allows you to create colorful work schedules and store all the information you need to focus on.


The application keeps track of your deadlines and grades is available for iOS for only $2.99, while the free version – iStudiez Lite – is an option that limits the number of classes you’ll be able to manage. All you need to do in order to take advantage of iStudiez is to plug your class schedule into the application. Then you will be guided through all the necessary steps to use the app.

Dragon Dictation


Dragon Dictation makes taking notes a whole lot easier, as it recognizes and transcribed your words. If you ever wished you could type faster or felt like professors were talking too quickly, this application will help you a lot – it uses voice recognition software in order to allow you to speak and turn the words into text instantly. It can also be very useful if you’re running late in finishing an essay or paper for college – instead of wasting time writing, you can simply dictate it to your app.

The application that’s available for free for iOS is very versatile and allows you to copy all notes and share them with others – on social media or through an SMS. To start using Dragon Dictate, simply download and install the application, follow the steps and start recording your voice – do a few tests with fewer words to see how it works.

Once you become a pro, you can also link your social media accounts to it, so you automatically update your Twitter or Facebook status with where you’re at. Tutorials guiding you through using the app are also available on YouTube, such as the video below.



Evernote is one of those applications that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, as it syncs all the information you need – video, photos, audio and text. If you decide to use it for studying, the app can make your student life a lot easier by storing all your notes and studying material in one place. If you’re in a lecture and need to take notes, you can directly write them into Evernote then sync it to your computer whenever you need to print it. The same app also lets you save all important articles and useful websites you find online to study or use later on for your essays.

By saving all you need for studying in one place, you can easily study on the go, as you’re always connected to the resources you need to get learning. To start using Evernote, all you have to do is download the application and create and online account, so you can take advantage of its features at any given time.

Evernote is available for free on all iOS and Android device, while the premium version costs $5 monthly or $45 yearly. For more details on how to use it, you can check out the beginner’s guide or take a look at any of the YouTube videos available, such as the one below.

Dictionary.com Mobile


When you’re studying, it’s always useful to have a dictionary around – and not just when you’re at home, trying to prepare for the next exam, but also on the go. With Dictionary.com Mobile application, you can take advantage of more than two million definitions, as well as synonyms and antonyms at any time, wherever you are. All you need to do is install the app on your phone to decode the confusing notes from your last lecture.

The application is available for free on any iOS or Android device and is very easy to use – comes with plenty of information on how to get started and videos about it are also available on YouTube or other websites.



Some of us don’t just need an English language dictionary, but also foreign language ones. If you’re studying Spanish, French, Italian or any other language at college and need a comprehensive dictionary to make learning easier, Babylon might be just right for you.

The application comes with more than 1,500 glossaries in 75 languages, allowing you to translation and have access to definitions for all words or phrases you might not understand. Being suitable for iOS, Babylon is also available for Android – both of them are for free and only require downloading and installing the app.

Using Babylon can help you solve most problems you’re experiencing with key vocabulary for your exams, while you can easily translate your ideas into the best essay written in the language you’re studying. For more information, you can check some of the videos available online.

Study Buddy – Blackberry


Blackberry couldn’t ignore the heaps of students using its services, so they came up with a few applications to facilitate learning, too. Using Study Buddy from Blackberry can we an excellent way to aid in learning and memorizing, while you can create your own deck, flash cards, etc. The double sided cards can be a combination of lists, images and text that can even be sent directly from your phone’s camera.

The free application can be used by anyone owning a Blackberry and is for free – perfect for the poor students, trying to save money and learn faster, at the same time. All you have to do is install the application on your device and follow the steps.

Exam Time


ExamTime is a useful application that allows you to create online mind maps, as well as flash cards and quizzes, while you’re storing all necessary notes. These are just a few of the tools that have been designed to help you improve your learning method and meet the deadlines you’re your papers and exams.

The application is suitable for all types of touch devices – whether you have a mobile device, a tablet or an iPad, you can take advantage of it by simply download and installing the app. It’s never been easier to get ready for exams on the go, while you’re staying tuned with the study groups, online calendar, study planner and many other features.

Periodic Table – Blackberry

Continuing the list of Blackberry applications available for students, the Period Table app is an interactive one that allows you to have access to all basic data of the elements. It gives a brief description of each element and show properties – both physical and atomic – while it stays user-friendly and guides you through all necessary steps.

The same as all other learning apps from Blackberry, Periodic Table is available for free and can be easily downloaded from the store and installed on your phone. All you need is have a Blackberry phone and follow the instructions.

Time Tab

Time Tab is another app from Blackberry that focuses more on helping you plan your lectures and exams schedule. Knowing a student’s life can be busy, and time management skills are always a must, Blackberry makes planning easier and serves the high demands of schedule flexibility typical for college students.

The free application has been specifically designed in order to help students in the planning of everyday activities and can be used on any Blackberry phone. All you have to do is download the app, install it and follow the steps.



Last but not least, the Blackboard application is one of the most used apps by many universities all over the words – many professors and schools recommend it to their students. While a very useful app, available for Android, Blackberry and Apple devices, it can only be useful if your university of teacher is also using it.

Therefore, the app allows access to all the coursework, as well as grades and timetables posted by the professor – all in your application that can be accessed wherever you are, at any time. Once you convinced your school to use it, all you have to do is install the app on your electronic device and start using it, following the user-friendly guide that comes with it.

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