Send Messages and Share Files Between Devices Using Pushbullet

Services like Evernote or Google Keep allow their users to easily share documents between multiple devices, and for providing these seemingly simple services, they have been acclaimed by millions. This is the reason why app developers have dedicated a lot of time and effort to create similar services, one of which being Pushbullet.

Pushbullet is a free service which users can install on their mobile devices and computers, and use it to share files and information between these devices or with other people. Of course, in order to make Pushbullet stand out, its developers had to come up with great features and give them to the users in a simple and intuitive way. It’s up to you to judge if they’ve succeeded or not, but from what we could tell, the service is simply awesome.

Meet Pushbullet: Easy sharing of information between your devices


Similar to the other products mentioned, Pushbullet allows its user to send information quickly and seamlessly between different devices, such as a computer, Android or iOS device. Even more, users have the possibility to install the Pushbullet Chrome extension if they do not wish to use the desktop tool.

The entire setup process is fairly simple. You can create your account using your Google+ username, and once your done, you will see the Pushbullet dashboard, from where you can connect your other devices. Adding an Android device is as easily as clicking on the provided link which will take you to the Play Store, or you can follow this link to download the app.


Once you’ve installed Pushbullet on your Android device, you have the option to also add the Chrome extension from the same page, or download the desktop client from here. Keep in mind that the desktop client is still in beta testing, but in the time I’ve used the service, it has worked fine, with no glitches or issues. An added benefit of having installed the desktop client is the fact that it allows you to send files to either your Android/iOS device, or to your Chrome account or other computer just by right clicking a file and selecting “Send with Pushbullet”.

Note: There is a 25 MB size limit for sending files via the desktop client

Another feature provided by the desktop client is Notifications Mirroring (which needs to be turned on from your smartphone’s settings) and what this feature does is to show all notifications from your mobile device on your desktop. This feature might come in handy if you want to keep an eye on your mobile device, but you don’t have it nearby.


Using the Chrome extension, you can easily send files and information to any other device or person you want, but from what I’ve noticed, the best feature is that it automatically adds the URL and name of the page you are browsing, which makes sharing web-pages very easy and intuitive. The Android app has all the features of the other tools and the user interface of the app is clean and easy to navigate. It doesn’t put a lot of strain on your smartphone’s battery, even though it runs almost all the time. However, you will need a constant Internet connection in order to benefit from this service.

On top of all these features, Pushbullet offers the possibility to send your mobile notifications directly to your computer screen. To enable this feature, you will need to go to the app’s settings on your mobile device and under the Notifications Monitoring section, enable the Notification Mirroring Service. Doing so will allow the app to send any notifications to your computer automatically. Also, you have the option to mirror notifications only over WiFi, which, if you ask me isn’t an option many will take advantage of, as this feature doesn’t eat up lots of data.

All of the functionality of Pushbullet can be accessed from the dashboard, so you can take full advantage of these services no matter where you are and what device you are using. The interface of the web service is similar to what the mobile version offers, allowing you to quickly send any information you want, or review what you have shared in the past. Furthermore, the fact that Pushbullet offers customized options for sharing information makes it the ideal tool for a number of situations.


Using this service, you can send simple notes, hyperlinks, checklists which update on the spot across all devices, files and addresses which also offer a preview from Google Maps. The simplicity and speed of the service is what I enjoyed most about this product, having used it for a few days now, I can certainly say that it will come of great use in the future.

If you’d like to try Pushbullet out for yourself and see how it integrates into your life, go to their website and register for a free account. If you like it, you have the option to invite other friends to your network, so you can instantly send them messages or share files with them.