Charging your smartphone or tablet by using the USB port on your computer or car takes much more time than using the default charging cable. But since we’re always on the go, it’s much easier and comes in handy to recharge your phone just by plugging it into your laptop or the USB port inside your car. And if you’re doing some extra activities while it’s charging, like making use of its GPS functionality, then you’ll see that your battery level will remain the same. The answer to why this is happening is very simple – your phone is using more power than the power your USB port can supply.doubble time fast charging smartphone

If you want to increase charging times for your smartphone or tablet, you can have a look at a previous guide that we did on this subject, and you can also have a look at some of the most efficient wireless chargers around. But DouBBleTime believes it can be the easiest solution to help you overcome these annoyances. The concept behind the product is really simple and yet much needed. The problem with USB charging today is that whenever you connect your device, the USB port automatically prepares to to sync and charge.  DouBBle Time comes with a simple tweak, creating a switch which enables the charge only feature.

Thus, by turning the switch on, this results in faster charging time for your device when plugged into your computer or USB port in your car. Just how fast? According to their tests, with a regular USB cable, it took 3,29 hours to charge an iPhone 5s. With DouBBle Time, it took only 2 hours and 3 minutes. The results are even more impressive with the Samsung Galaxy S4 – 3 hours and 8 minutes against 6 hours and 30 minutes.

DouBBle Time is now seeking a $20,000 goal on KickStart and with 28 days to go, there are already 504 backers who have pledged more than half the amount. Currently, early adopters can get the cable for only $15 and they can choose between Lightning or Micro USB. Once this limited offer ends, the next available prices are $18 and $20. You can also buy two DouBBle Time cables for $35 and this isn’t a limited offer.

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