If you’re a traveler as I am, you sure know how important it is to know the fair value of your trip and be able to save money while flying. But it takes a long time to check so many different websites for deals, and then go back to Google and check your favorite airline’s website once again. This is why flight price predictor tools have been created in order to help us make traveling easier, and cheaper.

Some of these tools and applications are meant to showcase the deals that suit your interest, some others are trying to compare prices and show what the cheapest airfares are. While a few years ago it was difficult to find any type of software that could help, now it’s hard to choose which one’s the best. In this piece we’re going to tell you a bit more about eight of the most relevant airplane deal comparison apps, so you can choose the flight that suits you.

Best Flight Predictor Tools and Apps

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Skyscanner is one of the popular apps when it comes to airfare tracking. And a large part of that has to do with its simplified and easy-to-use interface, which allows for the ability to search and compare different flights in one place. Besides, it also simplifies the experience further by helping you with finding the cheapest months and dates to fly, in addition to a price alert that can be set accordingly.

best flight price predictor tools and apps - skyscanner

Additionally, apart from airfare tracking, the app also offers the option to book your whole trip with the ability to compare and book hotels and resorts across the world; rent a car (by its features); and more. Further, for those looking to make plans, the app also has a neat Explore tab, which, just as it sounds, allows for the ability to check out some cool new destinations and explore the best deals.

Available: Android, iOS, and Web


Kayak is a veteran when it comes to flight search and airfare prediction. The service curates flight information from various travel sites to offer you the best deals for flights, hotels, or rental cars. Its app includes Kayak Trip, which is a sweet feature that allows you to organize all your travel plans in one place, such as flight status updates, security wait time, airport terminal maps, etc.

best flight price predictor tools and apps - kayak

Apart from offering deals for booking flights and hotels, the app provides a price forecast to help you determine if the airfares are likely to go up in the future. In addition to this, it also offers over price history charts for the last 90 days, which helps you get an idea of the airfare over the period. Among other things, Kayak offers real-time notifications for flight status, gate change, and baggage claim, and also allows you to navigate through the airport by offering step-by-step directions with offline access to your travel itinerary and airport maps.

Available: Android, iOS, and Web

Google Flights

Last, but certainly not the least when it comes to airfare tracking, is Google Flights. Besides being a regular travel planner that has the option to book flights, hotels, etc, the service also provides a dedicated airfare tracking feature to help you save the fare for any particular date. What’s even better is that the service gives you alerts for when prices are expected to shoot up, and, in case you haven’t set the dates for travel, it suggests you the best time to travel with the cheapest fares.

best flight price predictor tools and apps - google flights

Additionally, the service has a separate section that contains all your previous searches for you to look back. Apart from flights, the service also has a few helpful features for finding the best hotels. At any point in time, users can check for the various deals on the platform and get discounts on their bookings.

Available: Web


Hitlist is another popular app for airfare tracking and hotel booking. It scans through various flight tariffs and suggests you the best itineraries and the optimal time to travel. The app has an Explore tab to suggest you with the best destinations to travel and the best trips at a particular period. Further, there is an option to view historical airfare prices and make smarter booking decisions.

best flight price predictor tools and apps - hitlist

The app has a neat alert feature that gives targeted travel deals via push notifications so that you don’t miss out on the best ongoing deals. It provides the option for you and your friends to decide your travel destination and plan the trip together all in one place. Hitlist also has a premium subscription, which gives features like filter flights by stops, airline, time of departure, etc based on your convenience.

Available: Android and iOS


Much like Skyscanner, Hipmunk also comes with a bunch of additional features in addition to the regular airfare tracking. To begin with, the app compares prices from the top travel sites to find the best hotel and flight deal for your budget. Besides, it claims to offer up to 60% off on hotels with tonight deals along with the option to sign up for free flight fare alerts.

best flight price predictor tools and apps - hipmunk

In addition to airfare tracking, the app provides easy to search feature, which makes searching for flights much easier with different flight filter options such as the duration, layover, and price. Additionally, it allows for hotel booking based on reviews, star ratings, etc with the option to look for nearby shopping or dining using the hotel heat map.

Available: Android, iOS, and Web


Momondo is another all-in-one solution for hotel and flight booking with airfare predictor. It offers an easy-to-use interface with the ability to search and compare flights and hotels from across the world. Like most other apps in the list, Momondo also offers a price calendar to help you find the best airfare deals for your budget, along with the ability to filter flights by stops, departure or arrival time, airlines, airport, etc.

best flight price predictor tools and apps - momondo

The company says it provides the best price guarantee for your booking, which means that, in case you find a cheaper deal within 24 hours, it will refund the difference in amount. Furthermore, it also allows you to search for flights or hotels across different comparison sites as well as individual sites, yourself.

Available: Android, iOS, and Web


Hopper is right up on top along with Skyscanner as one of the best apps for travel. It offers price predictions for flights and hotels with up to 95% accuracy (as claimed) for over one year in advance. It features some of the major airlines such as American Airlines, United Airlines, British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, and more, and sends push notifications for when the airfare is at its lowest.

best flight price predictor tools and apps - hopper

In addition to airfare tracking, the app provides the option to book hotels and rent a car, all at the best possible price and deals. To make the experience more fun, there is a color-coded calendar in the app, which helps you find the cheapest days to fly and filter the flights based on layovers and stops. Further, in case your queries are still not resolved, you can get help from the 24×7 customer support.

Available: Android and iOS

The article was originally written by Alex Serban and was updated in January 2020 by Yash Wate.

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