Flipps TV is a new application currently available for Android and iOS users which aims to help you say goodbye to your pay-TV provider, as it brings more than 100 channels to your mobile device or TV. So, by using a single app, provided that you have a flipps appsmart TV in your home, then you can enjoy lots of free channels on all of your devices. According to the CEO Kosta Jordanov, this innovative service is said to work with more than 250 million connected televisions worldwide, ranging from Internet TVs to Xbox One sets or Apple TV. At the moment, Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices are not supported.

The app can be downloaded for free from iTunes and the Play Store, and it is supported by mobile and video ads, but you can pay $3 for the HD version which gets rid of mobile ads but keeps some video ads. Flipps is not a new service, as it has recently announced that it had registered its 10 millionth app download. The free movie services includes the following Crackle, Osiris Entertainment, and Kit Parker Films, containing some feature titles like The Mermaids of Tiburon, The Slime People, and The Bride and the Beast.

With Flipps (formerly iMediaShare), you are the ruler of your content. Choose from over 100 specially curated channels in categories like Movies, Music, News, Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle. Flipps automatically discovers any connected TVs around you, so playing your content on the big screen is just a tap away. There’s no dongle, no fancy box, and definitely no extra TV apps – just a powerful Android app in a very small package. Enjoy your favorite videos at your fingertips – from documentaries and business news to style tips and movies, The Washington Post, France 24, QVC, to FilmChest – we’ve got you covered. Flipps turns your phone into the ultimate remote, so you can adjust volume and control playback with easy touchscreen gestures.

Besides movies, you will be able to find plenty of music video channels, mainstream news like CNN, New York Times, BBC; old cartoons, educational programs like National Geographic, NASA; lifestyle content like Glamour, Cosmo, Maxim and fitness shows. However, sports fans will be disappointed as it lacks content from NFL and Major League Baseball. At least for now. To get the most of this service, Dan Tynan from Yahoo Tech publication suggests to go for the HD version and choose a Wibi.tv subscription for about $50 a year to watch amazing content just about anywhere.

At the moment, besides Android and iOS devices, Flipps supports the following players: Internet-connected TVs by Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG & Philips and  XBox 360, Xbox One, DISH Hopper, Apple TV. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more and more of similar services like this one, as consumers will want to get rid of pay-TV providers, or at least they will want to take the content anywhere they go.

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I like the idea of watching my favorite football games on my smartphone or tablet, no matter where I am, but I think this will truly happen a few good years from now
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