Back in 2013, Motorola debuted the Skip NFC clip with the Moto X launch. By using it, it was possible to unlock your phone with ease just by attaching it to your belt. Motorola also offered Dots stickers to place in different parts of your house. Overall, this represented a really nice accessory, but it was only NFC and you had to place the phone right next to the Skip for it to work.
motorola skip 2.0
According to some recent FCC documents, Motorola is looking to improve Skip, as it appears that the second edition of Skip will be a Bluetooth key fob for even more features. Skip 2.0 is said to debut at Motorola’s September 4 press event, according to Droid Life, which published detailed information about the device.

The Skip 2.0 fob will have a replaceable coin-style battery and will keep your phone unlocked when nearby. So, when the fob moves out of Bluetooth range from the phone, your phone will securely lock and will require a PIN to be used. You’ll also be able to track the fob’s location or make it beep in case you lose your keys. It’s really cool that it works in reverse, as well, so it can help if you can’t find your phone. The Skip 2.0 is said to come with a button that can sound your phone ringer to help you locate it.

Skip will run on a CR2032 battery, which is said to have a life expectancy of about 1 year. Also, you will be able to replace it in case of dysfunction for a small fee. The original Skip only worked with the Moto X, but there are chances that this new version will be compatible with any Android phone with version 4.3 or higher.

Last year, the Skip was offered free with the Moto X for a limited time and for $20 after that, subsequently being discounted to $10. It’s a nice idea and Motorola could be doing the same free promotion again in order to attract sale.

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