We send dozens of emails during a week, and whenever we don’t get that desired answer as fast as we want, we wonder what happened. So, instead of having to worry about this, and having to re-send emails or digg in your archive, there’s a tool that at lease lets you have the peace of mind that your email has been opened
who opened my email
Meet Signals, a Chrome extension that lets you see who opens and clicks on your emails. By using this tool, you can see where, when, and how many times they opened or clicked on your emails. Even more, you can schedule emails to be sent later or create recurring emails.

The privacy is ensured, as well, because others won’t know you are tracking your emails and contacts. At the moment, the service works with Gmail, Outlook for Windows, Salesforce and Hubspot.

To start using the service, go ahead and download and install the Signals Chrome extension at this link. Then, a Signals icon button will be shown at the end of the browser’s address bar, that’s where all your notifications will be shown. After that, you will need to go to app.getsignals.com/install/google to connect your Gmail account. After signing in, you’ll be ready to start getting notifications.

So, in order to begin tracking, just go to your Gmail and compose a new email. There, you’ ll notice a new Signals button at the bottom of the compose box that allows you to track the email. You just need to check that box and click on Send to track your email.

Thus, once a user opens the email, a notification will appear on the Signals icon. By clicking on it, you can see when did the user open it, the location and how many times. Signals is free for up to 200 notifications a month, but if you need more, there’s a premium version with no limitations for $10/month.

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