Chrome OS is getting more features by the day, as we recently reported that it now allows users to dual boot Windows/Mac/Linux on Chromebooks and that you can now watch movies and TV shows offline. Now, according to Google employee François Beaufort, Chrome OS has been updated to let you lock your lost or stolen Chromebook. Considering that Chrome OS devices are pretty portable devices, this is a really useful feature indeed.

chrome os track lost stolen

François Beaufort said the following on his Google Plus account:

Finally! Admins can now place lost or stolen Chrome OS devices in a disabled state right from their web-based management console and display a custom message on the disabled device screens.

He also added that when a device is disabled, when turning on the Chrome device, all the users will be able to see a screen telling them that it’s been disabled, just like in the above screenshot. Also, your desired contact information of where to return the device will be displayed, as well.

However, at the moment the feature is limited to Enterprise/Business or Education computers. Google has introduced the feature as an update to the admin console, and at the moment there’s no way to do it for personal devices. Here’s the list with all the changes:

  • Admins can now place lost or stolen devices in a disabled state and display a customer message on the disabled device screens
  • The search feature in the device list now accepts partial matches for serial numbers
  • A new user policy is available to determine which users have permission to enroll new or deprovisioned devices
  • Deprovisioned devices are no longer blocked from enrollment, now that there is a user policy to control enrollment permissions

But such a feature would really make sense for regular users, as well. Therefore, this is a really helpful tool for the education sector, as IT admins can lock Chromes OS devices remotely from their web-based control system. So let’s hope that it will be rolled out to regular users, as well.

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