As you probably know, IFTTT is a web-based service which allows users can create chains of simple conditional statements, called “recipes.” These are being triggered when certain changes are being performed on such web services as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and others. The IFTTT apps have been available for both iOS and Android for a while, but now they are being rebranded to IF.

iftt new do apps

Along with the rebranding, the company has also launched a trio of new “Do” apps for both Android and iOS users. The three new apps are called Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note. Here’s what they can do for your: iftt do apps

  • Do Button – create your own personalized button with just a tap and connect your button to Philips Hue, Google Drive, Nest Thermostat, and hundreds of other Channels. For example, you could use it to set the Nest Thermostat to a certain temperature, turn Philips Hue lights on or off and keep track your whereabouts in a Google Drive spreadsheet. You can download it now for iOS or Android.
  • Do Camera – this allows to create your own personalized camera and connect it to Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote. So, some actions that you could do are sending photos to somebody over Gmail, taking pictures receipts and important documents and save them in Evernote, among many others. Follow these links to download it for iOS and Android.
  • Do Note – this allows you to save and share notes with Recipes that connect your notepad to Evernote, Twitter, Google Calendar, and other Channels. Thus, you can use it to write down a note, share a message anywhere, or type specific commands to control apps and devices. You can get it now for your Android or iPhone.

According to Linden Tibbets, the co-founder of IFTTT, it seems that they are are now collectively closing in on cooking 20 million Recipes each day. If you haven’t tried their apps yet, you are missing out big time. Go ahead and give them a try and you’ll see how really useful they can be.

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