Xiaomi Redmi 2 Gaming Review & Heating Test

After a relatively luke warm response to the Mi4, Xiaomi now expects to be breaking the records in the charts with the release of the Redmi 2 – an entry level phone loaded with as much as goodies one can get for a price of Rs.6,999 (~$110). The Redmi 2 attempts to come off much cleaner as compared to its predecessor, the Redmi 1s, which was infamous for overheating issues and bad RAM management.

Of course it has one of the best cameras in its price range, runs on the very vibrant MIUI v6, but one of the top 3 things one would do with it is GAMING – and why not! It is equipped with the Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 chipset clocking 1.2 GHz with its quad cores and has the Adreno 306 GPU. We have seen that majority of the Redmi 1s users did lots of gaming and we pretty much expect the same on the Redmi 2 given the fact that it has many improvements done. We did some gaming on the device and here is our review and thoughts, and we hope they help you make the right call. Apart from monitoring for lags, stutters and frame drops we will be checking the device temperature also.

Games considered : CSR, Asphalt 8
Total Duration : 30 minutes

  • Game – CSR
  • RAM available – 250-300MB (before the game is launched)
  • Temperature – 35 deg C (average)

The loading of the game was pretty decent and acceptable, though its a tad slower when compared to the Mi4 but that is to be expected with the mismatch in the hardware internals between the two devices.

The volume is loud and clear and this has to be one of the strengths of Redmi 2, after all when you are gaming you will want the sound to be crisp, good and may be loud to enrich the overall experience. We played the game for around 5 minutes and we did not experience any lags, stutters or frame losses. At the end of 5 minutes of gaming the available RAM was between 220 and 230MB, while the temperature increased a bit to 36 deg C.


So far so good! Redmi 2 is smooth, not rising up on the mercury levels and also no gobblinb up too much RAM. Time to step up now.

  • Game – Asphalt 8
  • RAM available – 250-300MB (before the game is launched)
  • Temperature – 36 deg C (average)

We played this game for around 25 minutes, and drove around 3 levels. Loading up speed was acceptable and everything we said about the sound holds good here as well. We did not alter the display settings and we gamed at the default ‘Medium’ Graphics level. The first level we tried was the Nevada track and we enjoyed it as there were no lags, stutters or frame drops. Redmi 2 handled this clean as a whistle but there was one change that started to show up here – the temperature seemed to be rising and the hands started feeling it. The top portion of the phone (around the camera) is where much of the heating occurs at it gets a tad uncomfortable to hold the device during elongated periods of gaming and this is where we started to feel a back case / casing would come in handy unless you love heating up your hands which we totally not recommend!

The temperature shot up to 43 deg C at this stage.

We moved on to the next level which was the Tokyo tracks. And boy we were in for a suprise – signs of the Redmi 2 struggling started to show up even when it was loading the track and doing the count down. It froze for a second once and then 2 before it finally managed to start rolling but still kept those jerks and stutters alive and it finally managed to throttle getting rid of issues. From there on, there were no issues, and we could complete the race without any lags.

We tried playing the same track again and this time around the device handled things without an issue and we played on for about 25 minutes. By the end of this the temperature shot up to 46 deg C and the available RAM was between 150 to 175 MB. Note that we did bring along a gun to measure the temperature and also tracked the same from the software (via the Settings menu in Redmi 2) and that is how we arrived at this average.

Phew, thankfully the temperatures did not sore upto 50 like the way Redmi 1s used to and it was frowned upon and ridiculed to be used as a room heater or a pressing box and such! So two big improvements is what we can truly appreciate here – less heating and better RAM management as compared to the Redmi 1s and kudos to Xiaomi on this one. All the tall claims of the improvements on the MIUI v6 are showing up now.

If the CSR and the Asphalt 8 did pretty well on the Redmi 2, we are confident based on our previous experiences and knowledge on the specs, that all the subway surfers, sonic dash, candy crush, angry birds will run with no issues.


At Rs.6,999 and the sort of hardware that the Redmi 2 holds, it would be unfair to expect the device to handle elongated periods of gaming of resource intensive games with no issues or heating. Redmi 2 will keep you happy majority of the times but do expect those occasional stutters and lags and sluggishness on high intensity games. No matter how you look at it, its a bang for the buck at that price and we will rate the Redmi 2 at 7 on a scale of 10 in the Gaming department. Watch out our Camera and Full Review very soon.