Google has recently decided to begin storing users Google+ photos in a special “Google Photos” section of Google Drive, and now a fresh story from Bloomberg claims that the company is looking to release a fully standalone version of Google Photos. The announcement could take place at the I/O conference which is scheduled for later this month. google photos new service

The report suggests that Google is going make the upcoming service separate from Google+. Users will also be able to easily share images to Facebook and Twitter, which means Google is taking a different approach, probably realizing that its own Google Plus network simply can’t compete with Facebook. I tend to believe that there will be more users interested in a dedicated Google photo storage service instead of being basically forced to store their photos in G+.

Recent, Google Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai also said that Google’s photos and social-stream features were likely to be treated as separate features. So, if Bloomberg’s recent report is close to reality, then we’re going to witness some important announcement at the I/O conference.

At the moment, the photo service lets you upload as many photos as you want (with a max width of 2048 pixels) and it can also automatically apply effects to your shots or turn some of them into a GIF. Furthermore, Google offers free backup of your smartphone’s camera roll.

Don’t forget, Google’s I/O presentation kicks off on May 28th at 12:30PM ET, and we’ll be here to report on the latest and greatest coming from the Mountain View company.

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