Xiaomi Releases Software Update For Mi 4i Smartphone, Fixes Overheating and Performance Issues

by: - Last updated on: May 22nd, 2015

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has released an update for its newly launched Mi 4i smartphone that addresses phone’s widely-noted overheating issues and adds some performance tweaks. We tested the latest update on two Mi 4i handsets and are able to report and confirm that the update indeed does what it advertises.

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Xiaomi launched the Mi 4i smartphone in India last month. Being marketed as an affordable flagship smartphone, the Mi 4i does pack in a range of impressive hardware modules and cost only Rs.12,999 ($205). It’s a good smartphone for the price. My colleague Nimish Dubey also seemed content with the phone in his initial impressions piece.

But as good as the Mi 4i is, many retail versions of the phone are seemingly shipping riddled with a couple of glitches. In my brief testing, I couldn’t help but notice a tad bit of stuttering and lagging issues carpeted everywhere in the phone. I reached out to a couple of other people who have the smartphone, and they confirmed similar issues to me. “The phone does get hot a little,” fellow technology reporter and reviewer Yash Garg told me. “Unfortunately the phone isn’t that ‘cool’,” he smirked.

The issue seems to be affecting a large set of people. Over on Flipkart, the e-commerce portal which is selling the Mi 4i handset, an alarming number of people are sharing similar ordeal (you will want to scroll down a little). But the new update dubbed “V6.5.4.0 LXIMICD” is squashing those bugs and offering optimization to improve performance and tweaks to the thermal control algorithms to resolve the overheating issues. My editor Raju PP decided to test the graphics intensive Asphalt 8 title on the Mi 4i smartphone for over half an hour. The phone showed a substantial improvement, dropping from 57C we had seen earlier this month to 45.6C under performance mode over the same time period. This is a huge improvement.

We’ve heard from some Mi 4i users that their devices can get warm under strenuous conditions such as complex 3D gaming and benchmarking apps.” said Jai Mani, Lead Product Manager at Mi India in a statement to Technology Personalized. “To address these concerns, we’ve optimized our thermal control algorithms to better regulate the temperature. The new thermal controls adjust frequency, voltage and the number of cores in use depending on the chipset temperature.

One obvious thing which comes to our mind when patches like this are released, is whether the company is throttling the cores to keep temperature under control (thereby affecting the performance)? Well, in our limited testing over the past few hours, we didn’t observe any noticeable lags or stutters during our usage.

We would advise you to snag the latest update on your phone. You can check for the latest software update from ‘Updater’ app. Alternatively, you can also download the update file manually from here (ZIP), and go to Updater > Choose Update Package > navigate to OTA Zip. Let us know your findings in the comments section below.

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  1. I have updated to the version V6.5.4.0 LXIMICD recently, Temperature is under control and played “Asphalt 8” with no lags which I experienced earlier..

    Good work by Mi India team!

    1. Yes same here. although i didn’t have any performance issues as such, heating has definitely reduced a big deal

        1. Hi Jeff, I have started using Mi4i 3 days ago and I am facing battery drainage issue. It doesn’t last for even 8 hours though I do not play games and use only 2 G network. I have also reduced the brightness still the battery is not lasting for more than 8 hours. Any suggestions ?

  2. cool make a change it would take Samsung 6 months minimum then it would be rolled out excruciatingly slowly & apple would deny it and make out it is a feature of the phone to keep your hands warm!

  3. apparently, xiaomi phones works best in the north pole or Antartica. anywhere else, it overheats.