When you set an alarm, be it on your phone or alarm lock, you know that in the morning you will be awaken by that annoying sound. But if there was a way to use some other sense to wake you up, such as your olfactory organ – the nose.

SensorWake is touted as the world’s first olfactory alarm clock which wakes you up to your favorite scent. So, if you have been longing for a quite a while to find a really pleasant way to wake up, then perhaps SensorWake needs your attention. You will be able to choose from a wide assortment of scents, like coffee, croissants, the ocean, leaves, cut grass and others.

sensorwake olfactory alarm clock

According to the project, the patented SensorWake technology releases a scent that will will wake you up in under 2 minutes, 99% of the time. This is according to tests which have been performed on more than 100 people. However, SensorWake also includes an audio alarm that goes off after 3 minutes if you’re not awake.

It’s very easy to set up a SensorWake you just need to set the wake up time, insert the scent of your choice and the scent diffusion will begin at the scheduled time. One capsule wakes you up 60 times and at the moment you can choose form the following options:

  • Continental breakfast: Espresso & Hot Croissant
  • Candy Rush: Sweet peach & Strawberry candy
  • Enjoy the break: Seaside (monoi, tiare flower) & Lush Jungle (cut grass, leaves)
  • Invigorating Aromatherapy: Purifying Tea Tree & Harmonious Chocolate
  • Vitalization Aromatherapy: Stimulating Ginger & Invigorating Pepper Mint
  • VIP lounge (for Kickstarter Backers only): Dollar & Ebony Luxury

The team behind the project assures that the scent refills are perfectly healthy, being solvent-free, compliant with all the regulatory organizations. Furthermore, the capsules are also 100% recyclable and free of any volatile organic compounds. If you will pledge €80 or more, you will get one SensorWake along with one two-capsule pack of your choice with an estimated delivery in November 2015. This is still $30 off the retail price, and at the time of writing this, they have managed to gather almoost €20,000 from the €50,000 goal, with 34 days still left to go.


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