Back in October, last year, Google announced its new Inbox email app, and up until today, you needed an invite to be able to use the service. Thus, Google was probably trying to keep the number of users limited as it was getting ready to unveil the final version of the app. And that moment has finally come today. google inbox everyone

Google’s Inbox is now available to everyone and you can get it on iOS, Android or in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox desktop browsers, as well. One of its most important features is the ability to snooze messages. Furthermore, the app can automatically bundle emails together in groups and it’s also connected to a Google Now-style card system so that you can search for important information, such as your flight time.

Along with the news that the app is now available to everyone, Google also announced a couple of new features. Thus, Gmail users can now undo sent messages from their phone. Furthermore, you can also set delete as the the default action when swiping emails. The Inbox app will now be deeper integrated with information the to-do list app Keep, as well, and reminders created in Keep will now appear in Inbox.

Google is also partnering with HotelTonight and Eat24 to allow users to make reservations and food orders without having to leave the app. Also, if you want to personalize your sent messages, you can now add a custom signature. Go ahead and download Inbox for Android and iOS, and you can also use it on the web at but you first need to activate Inbox on your mobile device.

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