Just like it was rumored yesterday by a number of Apple-oriented publications, Apple has announced today during its WWDC keynote a brand new News app. The new service resembles the social-network aggregation Flipboard and replaces Newsstand on iPhone and iPad devices, which was responsible for downloading and displaying digital versions of newspapers and magazines. The new Apple News app will be able to do all of that, along with some new features.

new apple news app

The app will bring content from publishers from all over the world and will also allow content owners to customize how articles are displayed. News is basically a personalized feed of content and articles with the help of which Apple is trying to deliver the content its users desire.

Publishers will have at their disposal a number of animations that they can use along with swipes to navigate between articles. You can read articles in fullscreen mode, and photos or videos are built directly into the articles and can play inline, as well. The app will keep track of topics and interests for users, and users will also be able to add articles to a favorite list. You will also be able to search for your favorite news source.

apple news

With this new app, Apple is making the life of third-party news reading apps quite difficult, as it’s expected for iPhone and iPad users to try Apple’s own app first of all. Newsstand was pretty much a letdown for publishers, but this new app could convince them to give News app another try. At the moment, though, we don’t know if there are ads or what exactly is the revenue model.

Apple claims that the app comes with powerful machine learning algorithms, and it will get smarter as you read more content. Imagery also plays an important role, as Apple has revamped photo galleries in what it calls photo mosaics. Privacy is ensured, as well, as what you read is not linked to other Apple services, and individual data is not shared.

Apple News will be rolling out in the US, UK, and Australia, and it will include such popular publishers as NYT, ESPN, Conde Nast, and many others to follow.

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