At its 2015 WWDC that has just started, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, has taken the stage to announce the company’s next version of its Mac OS. For the current version 10.11 Apple has picked the quite lovely name of ‘El Capitan‘ which obviously means ‘the captain’ in English.

The new version comes with quite a few important upgrades, and the moment couldn’t be better for Apple. Yosemite is said to have reached the fastest adoption rate of any desktop OS ever, with 55 percent of active Mac users using it. And the new OS X El Capitan could maintain that trend with a bunch of new useful features.

el capitan os x

With this new OS version, Apple says it has focused on improving the experience and performance for Mac users. There are now more gestures, and one of them makes your cursor bigger when you wake your laptop and do the mouse cursor shake. The Safari browser is getting pinned sites, so now, when you click a link from a pinned site, it will open a new tab. In order to pin sites in Safari, you just need to drag the tabs to the left.

Furthermore, it is now finally possible to mute tabs from the URL bar just by clicking a speaker icon in the address bar. The new OS version also comes with improved spotlight search and you can now resize the Spotlight panel and move it around, as well. Users can now perform natural language searches, which will help find the files you are looking for much faster.

apple os x el capitano

OS X El Capitan comes with split windows and allows users to auto-arrange windows by dragging them to the side of the window (yes, it’s quite similar to Snap in Windows, we know). Users of the update Mail app will now be able to perform a tabbed compose, as well.

Of course, Apple claims El Capitan is much faster than Yosemite, with a 1.4x faster app launch. Macs have known to not play well with our gaming needs, but not anymore. Introduced with iOS 8, Metal is a low-level, low-overhead hardware-accelerated graphics API that makes its way into Mac OS X, as well. It brings improved performance and better battery life as well as better gaming.

With that occasion, Epic Games has showcased the upcoming Fortnite game for Mac whose beta will start this fall. As for OS X El Capitan, the developer beta is available from today, with public beta going live in July and the free upgrade this fall.

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